Cell Phone Repair For Battery Problems In San Francisco

Cell Phone Repair For Battery Problems In San Francisco

The battery problem is one of the most common cell phone trouble that people face. With the cell phones being re-imagined and new innovations in technology, the cell phone requires high power batteries. Back in the day, when iPhone 3 was the flagship product of Apple, the battery was removable for the cell phone. Since then, all other iPhones have come with Lithium-ion batteries being used in them.

When compared to the traditional batteries, the lithium-ion batteries get charged faster, can last longer, and have a higher power density. It provides more battery life in a lighter package. The more knowledge a person has about it can benefit him to use it to his advantage.

The lithium-ion battery in the iPhone uses fast charging to reach 80% quickly and then switch to a slower trickle charging. The amount of time taken to reach 80% varies according to the setting and version of the phone being used. The software limits charging above 80% if the battery temperature exceeds which helps improve the lifespan of the battery.

Reasons For Battery Problems

Excessive usage – The excessive usage of a cell phone can lead the battery to get worn out soon. People who use the phone a lot during a day for gaming and watch video mostly deal with this problem. The battery gets drained when the screen is on for a long period of time and also the cell phones heat up if the screen is on for a long period of time. Keeping it in charging and using it can also affect its major way and may result in battery damage requiring replacement. Also, if the cell phone is used for long duration and the brightness level is high, it would drain the battery faster. Most of the cell phone give 4 to 6 hours of on-screen time and require the phone to get charged after it.

Wi-Fi Network and Applications – The Wi-Fi does help reduce the cell phone bill, but it consumes a lot of battery in doing so. If the Wi-Fi signal searching is on when a person is outside on commute or away from regular connection place, it can burn a lot of battery power. It is important to make sure that the signal is turned off when not necessary.

The applications in the background and the notifications drain an immense amount of battery life. People often forget to close the application in the background which leads to immense battery drainage on a regular basis. It can affect the lifespan of a battery in the long-term. The amount of notifications that certain applications send is too much and it drains a lot of battery in the process.

Charging cable and Port – The charging cable can get torn or malfunction which can cause charging problems and harm the battery as well. If the cell phone is not kept at a proper place and in a proper manner, it can damage the cable. If a person keeps charging the phone frequently, it can damage the charging port. It is better to charge the phone fully instead of charging it again and again. It is one of the most common cell phone water damage repair.

Accidental reasons – If the phone gets dropped in water, it will surely damage the phone and battery. If the phone gets dropped or crushed under something, it can result in battery problems. Also, avoid staying in extreme temperature where the phone would get heated up. It can drain the battery without even being used and damage it.

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