Parameters for Choosing the Right Colour Scheme for Your Kitchen

Parameters for Choosing the Right Colour Scheme for Your Kitchen

The color scheme for modular kitchens doesn’t only mean painting the walls with a single color, but picking the right hue for the cabinets, the flooring, the countertop, the kitchen table, curtains, and all the other furnishings as well as items of decor that you’d have there.

To be able to work in a kitchen day in and day out, and also have it as one of the areas of the house where you can all meet and socialize – you would definitely have to work on getting the right ambiance. Therefore, we thought it’s important that you know the basic questions that you should ask yourself to zero in on the ideal color scheme for your kitchen.

What’s the general theme of your home?

The answer to this question doesn’t need to be one filled with all the design-related jargon. It’s more of a layman question, where you’d need to think of a general idea for a theme. Modular kitchens could be rustic, wood-based, traditional, contemporary, modern, or a combination of rustic and modern, and so on in their respective themes. If it’s a home that you’ve built, then you can, of course, choose your theme. In case it’s a property you’ve bought from someone, you could make changes; or if it’s an age-old property that still bears some of the ancient touches to it, you might want to preserve its uniqueness.

How much light enters your kitchen?

The color scheme will depend a lot on the amount of light entering the room. You, for example, will have light or neutral colors doing a great job in a kitchen that receives less to no light. On the other hand, dark colors will play beautifully in a well-lit room, making it look bigger and brighter!

Which direction does your kitchen face?

It’s not just about how much light enters the room, but also about the quality of that light. What it means is, the direction your kitchen faces, is what decides the light quality. You would have to know whether your kitchen is a west, east, north, or south facing one. A color changes its tone and tint as and when light falls upon it. With different qualities of light, the effect on the color, and therefore the whole ambiance of the kitchen will be well noticed. If your kitchen faces the north direction, it won’t have a lot of light coming in; but whatever light you get will be consistent in quality, So, as the day progresses, the room won’t change much in its appearance. With a south-facing kitchen, you’ll get a lot of light – and rest assured, it’ll be bright all day. As the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, an east-facing kitchen will get loads of morning light which will fade as the day progresses, and west-facing one will have less of morning light but it will progressively increase from afternoon onwards. Therefore these kitchens will see a change in tone and appearance throughout the day.

Have You Kept Color Undertones in Mind?

A color, as we just saw changes its appearance under various qualities of light, and even a complete lack thereof. Similarly, if you combine different colors, the result is an effect that retains some of the properties of all the colors involved, as well as some, is own unique characteristics. The undertone of a color, therefore, isn’t the actual color, but a subtle feature that you get to see when you have more than one color combined in a space. If the undertones clash in a space, they make the whole ambiance go awry. You want colors to be matched and mixed in a way that the whole kitchen boasts of harmonized undertones. A color will either have a warm undertone, or a cold one. Red, yellow, and green, for example have warm color tones, as opposed to grey, purple, brown, etc. having cold undertones. The concept of undertones is also important with regards to light. In a well-lit room, cold undertones will work better. But, if light doesn’t enter too much in a room, you must go for warmer color tones as they’ll help your kitchen feel not too cold or dark.

These are some of the basic parameters that ensure modular kitchens have been designed keeping the right color scheme in mind, and ready to set out the right tone for space.

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