Claim:- How to prevent slip and trip accident in retail?

Claim:- How to prevent slip and trip accident in retail?

If you ever involve in slip and trip accident then you want to remove this time from memory. It must be a moment of embarrassment especially in front of a public. This is also the biggest risk factor in retail when it comes towards employees and customers. If the customer and employee become a victim of this accident then it must be the liability of retailer.

This is the retailer can do everything that prevents slip and trip accidents. The government has introduced rules and regulation to save the consumers and staff member rights and business owner need to take all necessary steps to protect them.

What causes slip and trip in retail?

Before taking precautionary steps to reduce the risk, the employer must need to learn the common reason for slip and trip accidents in retail and some of them are mentioned below:

  • When floors are cleaned and are left in a wet condition

We know that slippery floor leads to the worst condition of falling and a common cause of accident also. The employer should need to make sure that floors are not wet and if they are wet then there is warning sign prompting everyone to take another path. The length of time that floor requires to dry can reduce the usage of dry sponge or cloth. The employer should have to set up barriers when the cleaning process is undergoing as it reduces the chance of slip and trip accident.

  • When spillages are not promptly cleaned up

There is a chance that customer becomes a victim of slip and trip accident when the spillage is split over the floor. But it usually doesn’t happen as the staff member of an organization should need to make sure no spillage ever appears on the floor. They also need to make sure that floor is not left sticky or wet once the mess has been cleaned. The employer has to look towards the condition of AC units and refrigerator as leakage in them also causes spillages on the floor.

  • When floors are uneven and damaged

The maintenance of the floor and building is the responsibility of the business owner and has to look forward towards a condition of the floor. If the condition of a floor is uneven or damaged then there is a chance of slip and trip accident in their place. They have to make sure there are no potholes in the walkway, inside the store, carpets are perfectly placed. This will help an employer to reduce the risk of slip and trip accident in the place.

Facing personal injury claims caused by slip and trip:

If someone ever becomes a victim of slip and trip accident then you are eligible to file the compensation claim against the liable party. You have to engage personal injury solicitor Burnley with your case to learn facts and figures.

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