Clean the Ducts in your Workplace

Clean the Ducts in your Workplace

Commercial duct cleaning in Melbourne offices is a necessity. We live in a highly developed city, so the outside air is full of pollution, from dust, car exhaust and industries. A regular duct cleaning service will purify the air that you, your employees and your clients breathe, making your work environment much more pleasant.

As an employer, you have a duty of care to provide a safe and clean workplace for your workers. Part of this includes air quality. Filthy ducts will pump through air that is dusty and contaminated. People with allergies or asthma may suffer particularly. If ducts are not cleaned, pollen from outside in spring can also enter your building, making working a nightmare for people with hay fever.

Not only does it make your workplace healthier, it can also make your job a lot easier. If you have noticed that your office seems to gather dust at a faster rate than usual, then the root cause could be in your ducts. Ducts that have a layer of dust built up will push these particles around your office, dirtying everything from carpet to furniture. Cleaning will be a nightmare, and your office cleaners may be puzzled as to why everything is dirty after a week despite a thorough clean. You’ll reduce your reliance on things such as air fresheners which only temporarily mask the muskiness.

Perhaps you have noticed that your airflow is not what it used to be. A build-up of dust can significantly impair your ducts’ ability to pump air effectively. If you are cranking the air conditioning up in summer but it doesn’t seem to be all that effective, and your air conditioning system is only a couple of years old, then the problem is most likely a cleaning issue. From this same perspective, a clean of your ducts will also save you money in elevated electricity bills. If your ducts can work more efficiently, then you will only pay for the heating, cooling and air that you actually use.

Finally, dust is an extreme fire risk. When present in large volumes, this lightweight material can overheat and cause existing flames to spread rapidly. You may think this is a bit of an overreaction, but if you have ever seen a duct cleaning procedure take place then you will know that the amount of material on these vents is incredible. This relates back to you providing the safest possible workplace for those you are responsible for.

Musty air is just generally unpleasant. You want to create an atmosphere where your employees love to work and where your clients feel at home. No matter how great your workplace culture, if there is something off-putting about your building or office then your clients will trust their instincts and walk away. Maintain your clients’ satisfaction and clean your ducts every three months. For Professional Duct Cleaning Services in Melbourne please chat to Total Cleaning Melbourne.

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