Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid

Cleaning Mistakes You Must Avoid

Typically, cleaning comes from an urge to avoid things that make us sick. But apart from all of that psychological stuff, we love to clean because a clean place feels pretty nice.

You think that keeping things spotless can be a simple endeavor, but that’s not exactly the case. In the quest for being hyper-hygienic, we often end up making things so complicated that removing dirt no longer seems as straightforward as it could be. Here’re a few major mistakes that you often make while clean. So let’s dive in;

Loading the Dishwasher – The Wrong Way

From the way you keep dishes with crusted carbohydrates to placing other utensils, most of you make these common mistakes while loading the dishwasher;

  • Dishes having that carbohydrate mess must go where they can easily get direct contact from a sprayer arm as they inevitably need mechanical action for cleaning.
  • Dishes having protein leftovers can go around the outside where they can get directly hit with water but also get longer soaking time without direct sprayer action.
  • You must be wondering whether silverware be placed up or down. In case your dishwasher has baskets without dividers, the silverware can be placed both up & down. Keep in mind! The forks & spoons don’t need enough exposure to get cleaned well.

Using the Wrong Cleaning Products

If you think one product is enough to clean all, chances are you’ll end up doing damage to your home. Here’re a few product-related mistakes you need to avoid:

  • Many of you scrub stainless steel using scouring pads. Like Really! Did you know the abrasive materials leave unsightly scratches on stainless surfaces? So it’s imperative to use a soft rag or cloth in order to clean stainless steel.
  • Some people clean natural stone using acidic chemicals. Keep in mind! The acidic cleaners seep into natural stone surfaces as well as stain/dull the finish. It’ll be better if you use the light water-detergent mixtures to lift stains.
  • Some cleaning lovers have been mistakenly using corrosive/soapy cleaners on hardwood floors as well. Here’s what you need to know. The chemicals such as ammonia, lemon, bleach or Tung oil & furniture sprays dull the finish of your floors & attract dirt. Therefore, you should always use approved cleaners for hardwood surfaces.
  • Even the So-called cleaning “EXPERTS” have been applying chlorine/bleach on stainless & copper appliances. Here’s the simple rule. Corrosive chemicals react with metal surfaces leaving behind stains & corrosion. So make sure you use approved cleaners on metal surfaces. Also, make sure that you don’t use bleach or ammonia to eliminate rust. It’ll not only set the stain but also make it more difficult to remove.

What’s the Solution? It’s quite simple! Just research all the new cleaning chemicals before using. It is imperative to make sure that the cleaning methods & products you use are approved for your cabinet-countertop setup. This useful information is provided by the best cleaning company in Dubai, so keep up with these in order to get the most out of your cleaning.

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