Cleaning Myths About Wet Carpets

Cleaning Myths About Wet Carpets

Is your carpet damaged because of water? Is it because of toilet leak or burst of water heater or faucet running in sink for hours?

If such a thing happens, you should dry your Wet Carpet Service to minimize damage caused to it. The residential carpets usually have a 1/4 inch pad underneath. It acts as a cushion, gives comfort to your carpet, and makes it soft as feather. The commercial carpets in offices and stores do not have pad underneath it.

Carpet pads absorb water just as sponges. The problem with pad is that it is sponge and it can hold the weight of water. Pads provide cushion to your feet and is spongy in nature. It soaks up water like a cleaning sponge of your kitchen.

The following are the myths about wet carpets as specified by the Capital Facility Services:

  1. The carpet that are wet will dry itself.
  2. You need to remove wet pad underneath your carpet.
  3. It is impossible to dry wet pad under a carpet.
  4. You need to lift carpet and float it with a blower.
  5. You should remove and discard your wet carpet.
  6. Professional carpet cleaning can dry both your carpet and pad easily.
  7. For removing smell from wet carpet, you need to get it cleaned professionally.
  8. If you dry a flooded carpet, you may not get moldy wet carpet smell.
  9. You need a trunk mount carpet for drying or cleaning a carpet properly.

Wet carpets do not stop or hold much water although it feels like solid. It offers less resistance to water. They are like sieve to water and do not hold more than few ounces of water before it is saturated. After few ounces of water enters the carpet, any further water filters through the carpet and moves to the pad. Water does not stay in its place and is always moving. It moves towards dry building material. If water is spilled in center of the room, it will flow through the carpet and migrate to edges of the room.

On touching the edge of the room, you may not even feel damp and pad may be saturated. This can be noticed with the help of infrared camera in real area. If you have a Wet Carpet service requirement call us on 1300554418.

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