Have You Ever Been Trapped In A Commercial Fraud? Make An Appeal

Have You Ever Been Trapped In A Commercial Fraud? Make An Appeal

Commercial fraud is the legal term for deceptive practices and illegal activities that corporate executives in important positions of power in the company might indulge in. Legally speaking, commercial fraud is not considered a cause of action in itself.

There are different ways of committing commercial fraud, and they are all worded differently in different states. Normally it covers things like using deceiving information that is intentionally misleading, incomplete or incorrect, the practice of deceit through such information, using deceitful information to have people make a purchase or give away valuable assets and acknowledging the damages and losses from the fraud. Here is a comprehensive list of things that count as fraud which may vary from state to state:

  • Fraudulent deceit or misrepresentation

  • Breach of contract

  • Bribery

  • Conspiracy

  • Breach of trust

  • Breaches of fiduciary duty

  • Claims for fraudulent or wrongful trading.

It is important to remember that in most cases of commercial fraud, it needs to be an act of deliberation instead of an act of negligence.

Here are some ways corporate executives commit commercial fraud

  • Misappropriating corporate funds: If the corporate exec takes the money that is supposed to be used for business and uses it instead for personal gain, he would have committed the most common type of commercial fraud. Execs have the power to commit this fraud by creating fake expense reports, or deleting payments that clients and vendors have given, or simply not reporting the revenue and sales at all!

  • False statements: When a corporate exec makes false statements about a company’s performance, it can be considered fraudulent. They would intentionally make incorrect statements about current and future prospects that business under the intention of increasing the general investment and stock value.

  • Kickbacks: When a third party pays a corporate executive to obtain a contract, influence, or favorable terms on a loan of any type, it is considered a kickback, and it is a common form of commercial fraudulence. An executive accepts kickbacks on a consistent basis can face corruption charges on top of charges for receiving kickbacks.

  • Insider trading: According to definitions stated by the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) an insider trading can be defined as “buying or selling a security, in breach of a fiduciary duty or other relationship of trust and confidence, while in possession of material [or] non-public information about the security.” this means that corporate execs who offer confidential information about their business to a third party, normally exchange for financial gains of some kind, they are guilty of insider trading. This occurs usually when a company is going to go public with stock and the exec tells an investor before the fact so they can buy up more shares.

Pleading fraud when trapped in a commercial fraud

In many cases, you might not need to plead fraud at all because it is possible to bring an action in negligent misstatement or contract. These kinds of claims are easier to pursue because usually they aren’t given the same amount of scrutiny as fraud claims and aren’t fought for as hard as a fraud case. When a claim in fraud is pursued, the volatility of the case shoots up immediately, and by the time the trial happens, the focus would have shifted from the defendant to the person who made the allegation in the first place.

However, pursuing a fraud claim is not a bad idea because they can have many advantages including:

  1. Potentially lifting the corporate veil

  2. Additional routes for establishing the liability of the person who had committed the fraud even without the corporate veil being lifted

  3. There is usually no defense for contributory negligence

  4. Clauses for limitation or exclusion are ineffective in fraud cases

  5. The time within which a claim can be brought in can be extended

  6. There is greater scope for damage control

  7. Courts usually take a more extensive approach to loss

So, knowing that a fraud claim will not be taken with a grain of salt, it is important for the claimant to identify the kind of fraud that is alleged, have what is necessary to prove it, and consider the ethical and practical problems that inevitably pop up. However, considering all that, there are more advantages to disadvantage when it comes to making an appeal for fraud.

Hiring the best commercial lawyers in Perth

Whether you have accused someone or an entity of commercial fraud or have been accused of committing commercial fraud, commercial lawyers Perth have the resources, expertise, and experience to be able to handle your case and give you an astounding representation. Commercial fraud lawyers know and understand how a fraud accusation can negatively affect your business, and how it can affect future goals and prospects.

How can they help?

They also understand that as someone who is a victim of commercial fraud, you might have been cheated out of money, had your information leaked, or were clueless about altered expense reports. Fraud claims are a difficult subject matter because they are expensive, have the potential to damage businesses, and have long-lasting effects where everyone ends up being a victim one way or another. There are never any winners other than the off chance a corporate veil can be removed.

  • A good Commercial fraud lawyer will be able to make a case by gathering all the evidence required and creating a proper defense.

  • An exceptionally good lawyer will be able to make sure the claim does not reach the court at all. This can be done either by the means of a ‘settlement’ or completely disproving the accusations in the first place.

  • If the lawyer is on the side of the person making the accusation, they will be able to provide sufficient proof that a settlement will not be required (based on the clients’ desire) and taking the matter to court so that justice may be served properly.

Hire a good commercial lawyer from Perth today so that you can find the justice you seek and deserve.

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