Comprehensive Cleaning for all your Home’s Ducts

Comprehensive Cleaning for all your Home’s Ducts

Did you know that your home actually has three different types of ducts, all of which need thorough cleaning? A Professional Duct Cleaning Solution in Melbourne will attack each of these key ducts to give you a brand new, highly efficient system.

When we think of duct cleaning, most people would usually only really consider the supply vents. These are the ones that we see in the rooms of our house, pumping air into the room. Upon closer inspection, you may notice that these ducts are very dusty and this might prompt you to research duct cleaning. However, a comprehensive duct clean actually does far more than just work with these supply vents.

Air enters your home through what is called an intake vent. This is located on the outside of the home and is the connection between outside and inside. From here it goes through a series of dampers and filters to control the flow rate and temperature. It is only then that this outdoor air can be pumped into your rooms and you feel the pleasant cool breeze.

But this is not where the cycle ends. You cannot pump air into a room without anywhere for that air to go. The final vent in the system is a return vent. This recycles the air if you like. It takes air from the rooms and passes it through the filter again, to continue pumping without needing to take so much outdoor air. Exhaust vents such as bathroom fans and kitchen range hoods send used air straight outside as this is not considered at a level good enough to recycle.

As you can see, it is not just the supply vent that needs to be clean in order to send clean air around your house. The return and intake ducts are equally as important. If air is super dusty when taken from outside then it puts far more strain on the dampers and the filter. Likewise, dusty return vents can further strain the filter until it cannot be as efficient as it once was.

Duct cleaning involves three simple processes. First, the vents are removed and compressed air is blown into the ducts to rid them of the majority of dust and contaminants. The removed vent plates are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to prevent further dust build up. Finally, the system is fogged using a sanitiser and deodoriser to rid the ducts of any germs and mites. Rest assured that this process is not harmful in any way to humans and natural products should always be favoured.

Ducts should be cleaned every few years, or after moving in or remodelling, as plenty of particles can become lodged in your vents after processes such as sanding. After spring cleaning is also a good idea, as this kicks up the dust that was dormant in your furniture and rugs. Please get in touch with Total Cleaning Melbourne for Handy Duct Cleaning in Melbourne.

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