Correct industrial cleaning techniques are essential for maximum safety

Correct industrial cleaning techniques are essential for maximum safety

Industrial cleaning is different from domestic or even commercial cleaning in a number of ways. While cleaning up spills is needed at all levels in order to improve safety, the industrial setting deals with some unique challenges. It is important to have a thorough understanding of recommended industrial cleaning methods in Adelaide for your industry, and well as those specific to your business.

Different industries will have different machinery and therefore different ways of going about their cleaning. However, one thing that businesses have in common is that the floor always needs a thorough scrub and polish. Anything that is spilled on the floor needs to be cleaned before someone gets hurt.

Not doing cleaning properly can cause risks in a number of ways. Firstly, missing spots or forgetting to clean something can be a problem next time that machine is used. Machines greatly reduce the risk of human error, and are much more consistent in their cleaning. So long as they are driven well, the cleaning comes automatically.

Secondly, the physical performance of cleaning using poor posture or repetitive methods can lead to injury and strain. Using manual labour, such as mopping, can be highly inefficient when compared to using a ride on sweeper or scrubber over a factory floor area. Many people will bend over a mop, sweeping far left and right and straining their back. The correct posture to minimise short and long term back pain is to only sweep from shoulder to shoulder and remain as upright as possible. Sweep near the feet so that you can hold the mop up as straight as possible.  For large areas, even correct positioning can still be a bad idea. In order to ensure consistency, minimal risk of injury and higher efficiency, it is highly recommended that industry operations employ a professional industrial cleaner, or hire out professional equipment if employees can be trained on how to use it correctly.

These machines are capable of cleaning all hard surfaces, from pavers to polished concrete to tiles. This means that the one machine can do the whole industrial area in only several hours. Simply change over the brush or cloth fitting that is in contact with the floor and you will be right to drive straight onto the second surface. Working from the outside in is the best method with these machines, as it will help trap any excess water in the one place which can then be easily mopped up in the centre.

It is essential that only trained people use sweeping and scrubbing machines. As mentioned earlier, it is not only the act of cleaning that can be dangerous, but also the consequences of missing a spot could be harmful. A ride on sweeper or scrubber makes the process of cleaning much safer. Because it is recommended that you move in a spiral towards the middle, if there was no machine then you would be forced to walk back over clean, wet floor. This could make a mess from your dirty shoes, as well as create an unnecessary safety hazard. In a ride on machine, you can safely and cleanly travel to a dry spot safely away from the wet surface and dismount.

Finally, automated machinery is likely to apply far more pressure than a human could sustain manually for such a length of time. In the industrial sectors, spills may be more stubborn, such as oil or engine grease. A preliminary clean could be a good idea, or simply cleaning the whole floor twice. To hire machines, or to arrange a completely professional industrial cleaning service in Adelaide.

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