5 Different Types Of Bin Hire Service

5 Different Types Of Bin Hire Service

A skip bin is a large waste container having an open top, designed for dumping waste into a special type of lorry. It is emptied at a landfill site or a transfer station unlike a wheelie bin which is emptied into a lorry. Generally, skip bins are strong and tough. Whether you are cleaning your garage or renovating your house or landscaping using a skip bin hire service is more than a simple way of waste disposal. Skip bin hire service is an economical and easy solution for waste removal. A wide range of sizes available ranging from 2 yard mini skip bins to 40 yard skips. Also found are free and lift steel bins to carry commercial and manufacturing waste, skip bins for offshore rigs as well as crane able bins and tippler bins.

Typically, a mini skip bin weighs about 250 kgs when empty. Commonly, it is used to contain debris of construction and demolition waste, garden waste, skips are also used in factories which produce huge quantities of scrap metal. Skip bins are ideal for garage cleanouts, disposal of appliances, furniture, garden waste, office waste, gyprock, wood, rubbish, metal, concrete, bricks, ceramic floor tiles, roof tiles, etc. Things that are not allowed to be dumped into a skip bin are asbestos, explosives, tires, fluorescent, chemicals, paints, solvents, bulbs, medical waste, and plaster board. The local council authority issues the skip hire permit. Only then, one can use skip bin hire service. One can be charged fine or legal proceedings can be conducted against one if found accepting a skip bin hire service which is not licensed.

Bin Hire Services

Various Types of Skip Bin Hire Service Provided Are.

Proper Waste Disposal

Professional skip bin hire service is a productive way of handling waste. The kitchen rubbish, the domestic product giving rotten smell and contaminating the atmosphere of the house are all loaded and dumped out of the house like a pro through this service. You will get rid of trash and rubbish instantly. The best part is skips are environment-friendly.

Wide Range of Sizes Are Available

As already said due to the availability of a wide variety of skip bins, one can hire the bin of the correct size which is needed to dump that amount of trash. For example, marvel skip of 2 cubic meters is needed to dump domestic and commercial waste. Hook lifts are used to dump industrial waste and likewise.

No transportation Cost

A skip bin is delivered to your place by the company and then the skip bin hire service will pick it up. This is how it works. A skip bin hire service must be contacted first. Tell them about the nature of the waste that needs to be disposed of. Also, tell them when you are planning to dump the waste and they will send you the bin and have it collected after the job is done.


Though available in a wide range of prices skip bins are generally cheap and affordable.

Adds More Space

Skip bin hire services free up the space occupied by wastes and create adequate space especially at job sites.


To ensure the safety of the people passing by and to increase revenue for the skip hire company, skip bins have “level fill “printed on all its sides so that the users know that the skip should not be filled above the height of the sides of the skip. Various types of skip containers exist. For example, open skips which are mostly used to dump construction wastes. When the skip is placed in a publicly accessible area closed or lockable skips are used to make them secure and prevent unauthorized use. Roll on roll off skips used mostly for industrial purposes. Mobile skip bins are also available nowadays.

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