How Digital Transformation is lacking in the Construction Industry?

How Digital Transformation is lacking in the Construction Industry?

Technologies are getting better and better. The advancement of the each field is enhanced because of use of various latest technologies and the it is making a different world for mankind but according to analysis of one of the top structural engineering firms, prajukti, it is observed that construction is one of the sector in the industry in which technology do not make any extra ordinary difference. structural consultants at prajukti works for the best for your happy place. To learn more about prajukti, click here.  Many construction companies and top structural engineering firms are yet to reap the full benefits of technologies and more of digital platforms. Digital transformation is one of the basic needs of any kind of industry these days so, why is the construction lacking…? Lets see further.

take the common scenario that has been observed in construction. A construction company dedicates many years on developing new software platforms to design and develop the plan for your home and apartments, such as 5D BIM. It spends copious amounts of money on various processes like promoting, developing and integrating high-end software.  This surely integrates the productivity of the software. But when it comes to the digital transformation programme, It’s failed to deliver on its project. 

Following may be the reason why digital transformation is lacking in construction…?

1. Lack of replication

If you belong to a civil engineering background then you must be acquired with “No construction project is the same”. Even if two buildings are built exactly look alike, they’ll be unique and one of a kind anyway. Full digital transformation in construction industry demands the changes through multiples small scale projects.


Most of the funding to build the large engineering and construction projects is from federal agencies and smaller units within the project. Most individual projects are built at quite far from the place or office that uses technologies. So, it’s obviously difficult to train workers in novel ways in order to use advanced digital technologies. This leads to major decentralization of the industry.

Constant Change

The consistency is the key to successful project regardless of its background field. The major issue in the construction industry is the consistent change. Every project involves  new projects teams or new organizations that work together to achieve the aim. The coordination is must between high level and low level authority to make the project happen. The employees at both construction and operational/ company level, contractors, subcontractors, consultant, and sub consultants know and face the difficulties in creating number of ways of working that will consistently build from one project and carry over to future projects.


Construction is the process that requires many levels of different kinds of processes and for each step a different team of expertise is appointed. Each construction project has different entities consisting of specialists from various disciplines. Coordination between each level is the key to achieve a successful project. Not only among subcontractors and subconsultants, but also among organisations, coordination is must.

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