Water damage! Don’t Worry Anymore

Water damage! Don’t Worry Anymore

Water damage is one of the pivotal issues for many people. Water from rain or storms, washing machines over flowing, pipe leakage, or any other resources, are responsible for the damage of carpet, underlay, floor and subfloor part. If we don’t remove water from our carpets and floor, then this will provide a favourable environment to many bacteria and moulds to spread their growth rapidly. These moulds and bacteria are very unhealthy for our health and produce several deadly diseases. Therefore, we need some expert persons who can remove this unwanted water easily and can give us proper solutions on how to cope with all these problems.

Capital Facility Services is one of the promising companies for water damage restoration and wet carpet drying process. Over the past 40 years, they are passionately serving their clients with proper knowledge regarding water damage restoration processes and have some outstanding market reputation.

Capital Facility Services team understand the emergency of water damage restoration and hence they consider this as one of the most critical issue and provide immediate solution for the same. Their technicians are certified and experienced enough so that they can manage all types of water and flood damages. They are supremely talented, carefully listen their customers’ problems, and provide the best solution to them.

For any kind of water damage restoration process, sagacious and pedantic team of Capital Facility services usually follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Assessment of water damaged part- They do a proper assessment of damaged part by using specialized instruments and monitors. For doing this, they usually visit the customers place according to their suitable time and date.
  • Work and cost analysis- They explain the work procedure elaborately and also provide the entire cost for water extraction, drying, cleaning and restoration so that customers can get a clear view and cost structure for the entire job.
  • Water extraction- They are pioneers in this process. They use proper equipment so that they can extract maximum standing water at a single time. By removing excess water, they reduce the chances of secondary damages and provide their customers some heathy and fresh ambience.
  • Manage bacterial contamination- They use some antimicrobial treatments to control the growth of moulds in our wet carpets. They use different treatments to minimise wet odours and moreover, they use Air Filtration Devices to lessen the discomfort from reduced air quality.
  • Wet surface drying- After removal of excess water, they use industrial strength Air Movers to blow air onto our wet carpets, underlay and subfloor. They also use dehumidifiers to absorb extra moisture which is released during the drying process.
  • Use latest methods to dry structural and commercial materials- They prefer to use some advanced drying systems to dry walls, beams and other concrete structures.
  • Protection and restoration- Before starting the water extraction process, they remove valuable furniture and other items in a safe place to minimize the defile.
  • Structural restoration- Their technicians have enough skill so that they can manage the entire water restoration process. They repair water damaged roofs and ceilings very cautiously and provide solutions for water inflow issues.
  • Monitoring- They keep close monitoring throughout the entire work process and inform their clients about their progress.
  • Submit report- After completion of their work, they submit the report with proper explanation of work steps.

If anyone needs water damage restoration, then without wasting any time please contact with Capital Facility Services by dialling their toll free number 1300-554-418. Their customer support teams are always available 24X7 and try to maintain a healthy relationship with the customers Under any emergency they provide some prompt and instant solution to the customers.

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