Easy Ways to File Claim for Your Damages

Easy Ways to File Claim for Your Damages

Moving to a new office or home is not a child’s play. It takes a lot of effort to get a safe relocation of your goods.

A moving task takes a long time. And you need to be more careful while performing this task. Either you will move by yourself or you will hire a packers and movers company.

In both cases, moving leads you to stressful episodes. Safe loading and unloading of your articles is a major concern for you.

You all love your belongings. It can be anything- your precious glassware or your decorative items. But the thing that always scares you is their safety. Today you can find many professional packers and movers Gurgaon to Pune to ensure the safety of these items.

These professionals take complete responsibility for moving your goods safely. Even then, there are situations where your items may get damaged. This makes you stressed. Any little damage to your favorite decorative piece or glassware may hurt you.

This is the reason why most people buy moving insurance. But they don’t know the right way of claiming the damages of their articles.

During the move, many incidents lead to the damages of your products. If you experience these incidents, you are required to claim compensation for your goods.

Let’s understand what you need to do to file the claim for the movers’ damage:-

Creating Your Inventory List

Preparing a detailed inventory list will be important for you. Once you complete your list, share it with your mover. This will help you in tracking the lost items during the relocation.

Making the list will help you know how many items are in your possession. So, if you are concerned about your items’ safety, consider making an inventory list first.

Get Another Insurance

You get the basic insurance when you hire the packer and movers. This basic insurance won’t provide you with full benefit. So, you need added insurance to secure your articles.

It would be good if you seek an extra insurance facility. You can also go for a separate insurance facility. It will add more cost to your relocation process. But you’ll get easy compensation for the damages of your goods.

Your packers and movers protect your goods by offering you two types of protection.

Full-value protection includes the cover for repair, cash settlements, and replacements. This coverage applies to every insurable item of your home.

The other type of insurance is declared value protection. In this insurance, you will get compensation for the selected items. This is a kind of custom insurance policy for you

Here you need to tell about the articles you want to insure. Full-value insurance is the best way to cover the damages to your belongings. So, you will get enough compensation for any damage to your stuff. I

If you have very expensive items, consider taking a full insurance policy for you.

Click Snaps Of Your Belongings

Clicking the pictures of your belongings will assist you greatly. You will get your compensation easily by doing that. Carry your photos of your stuff with the inventory list. Also, use the date and time while clicking the photos.

This will help you in claiming your damages. So, now you will easily get your damages if your items are scratched or dented.

When you file the claim for the compensation, the concerned person will ask for proof of the damages. Here you can show these snaps to prove your point.

Start Your Claim Process Early

It would be better if you start your claiming process early. The reason is that it takes some time to get this insurance.

So, if you have all the required documents, start the claiming process today. This will minimize your stress to a little extent. It is also important not to miss any document.

If you miss something, you’ll have some problem in getting the compensation. Contact your movers about the damages and then start your process.

Take Pictures Of The Damage After The Move

You need to click the photos again once you get the delivery of your consignment. Make sure to click numerous photos of your damaged items. Add these photos to your complaint. Also include the photos taken before the move.

This will help your movers identify the condition of your items before and after the relocation. Keep in mind that you won’t get any compensation if you pack any item yourself.

Check The Bill Of Lading

Once your packers and movers offer the bill of lading to you, check it carefully. Your movers will give you the bill of lading at this time. The bill will have a list of all the items that are moved.

Check this list carefully. If you notice any damage to your items, write that on the list. Make sure to write about the lost articles too. This will be a piece of great evidence for you while filing the claim.

Get A Reimbursement Offer

Starting a claim process early is the key to getting the right compensation. The claim process starts once you fill the claim form. Your movers will appoint a claims adjustor to look into your matter. He will take up your complaint further.

Now, it’s time to wait for your reimbursement. Hopefully, you will get it within a week once you file the complaint. If you don’t like your movers’ offer, then inform them about it.

They may provide you with another offer. But, if they don’t, then you can file a case against them to get your damages.

Go For A Written Claim

Another tip to file a claim is to opt for a written claim. Contact your packers and movers and ask for the required paperwork. They will tell you about the official paperwork. Also, make sure to know the correct process of forwarding a complaint.

Collect the right knowledge about all the damages and list them during the paperwork. If your new home has some damages, write about them too.

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Now, you are aware of the tips that you need to claim for your damages. Using these tips will help you claim your damages in a better manner.

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