How Emotional Support Animals Helps Relieving Anxiety

How Emotional Support Animals Helps Relieving Anxiety

Bullet was a nice dog and I loved him. This is how Mathew explained his connection with the dog as he sat down on the sofa right in front of me. Sitting in his house, listening to the amazing story of Mathew and his dog made me realize that the bond between animals and humans is impeccable. I imagine Mathew’s agony on losing his dog, chipped-tooth smile, and the way he exclaimed his love for the dog. It was a surreal experience.

The new rule will go into effect in early January and allows airlines to continue to allow emotional support animal on planes.

Everybody knows that emotional support animals in the US, regardless of their type, shape or size, have the ability to heal humans. The question is whether or not to believe in this fact. This example may not entice you but I am sure some scientific reasons will. So in this blog, we will focus on emotional support animals and how do they help relieve anxiety.

The scientific proof 

Today, thanks to the many revelations, It is almost self-evident for thousands, millions, of us that emotional support animals can work miracles for your mental health. We know that while, mentally and physically, health conditions vary, but the space in which animals and humans fit, is definitely unquestionable. So how do we determine the role of emotional support animals categorically? One of the easiest ways is to quote a study. So here’s a study that concludes, pets are capable of providing mental benefits to those who have anxiety or depression. 

This study was a collection of 17 other studies. All the studies after careful scrutiny lead to a conclusive result. The result demonstrated the positive and negative impacts of pet ownership. Especially owners who had mental health problems. There were several ways in which pets contributed to individuals’ mental health. Particularly, when the owner had an anxiety attack. The only negative impact was that the death of a pet can be psychologically traumatizing.

So, here is the proof that a doubting Thomas needed. As for the rest of the world having a pet has always been delightful. Having said that, let’s delve deeper and see how emotional support animals help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety.

An ESA will calm your anxiety in public places

An individual dealing with anxiety or depression is always in dire need of love and care. This is where the role of emotional support animals come in. They are not only the best friend type but therapists who will help you get through the rough days. By constantly being there for you, they will help you identify the meaning of life. In the literal sense, you will feel emotionally stabilized in the company of a dog.

In turn, you can go out on walks and fly on the plane with them without having to fear the crowd. Here’s a fun fact if you think that you cannot travel with pets on a plane. You are wrong. On SouthWest airlines emotional support animals are allowed and all you need is a recommendation from a mental health professional to travel via air routes. Also having an ESA will keep your mind focused on the dog and the chances of having an anxiety attack will be next to impossible. Plus the people who see individuals with a pet on a plane should grant them the benefit of the doubt.

They will boost the production of dopamine

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with the feeling of pleasure. Instead, there are studies that reveal how the production of dopamine increases as soon as you look into the eyes of your dog. In turn, it is a win-win situation for the ones who deal with both depression and anxiety. Because a single look will help you stay calm and teach you the act of love at the same time. So how about getting an emotional support animal right away. It will show you how love can change the gloomiest days of life into happy ones.

Unconditional love is their forte 

If there is anything, a pet is good at. It is love and that too unconditional love. Having an ESA will help you feel better on a daily basis. It will provide you support and care which you might find hard to receive from others. But it does not necessarily mean that you cannot look for the same support in people. You definitely can. The only thing that differs humans from pets is that they will love you unconditionally while a human may or may not pass judgment.

So an ESA will help you realize the meaning of love and also help you move on life with a positive outlook. Plus a mental health condition that is otherwise difficult to understand by normal people needs an alternative. It could be anything, a tight hug, a sleepless night listening to their dramatic story, or a pet who provides care and love constantly.

They are the best keepers of intense emotions

In the case of intense anxiety, it is difficult to keep a check on the emotions. Similar to a rollercoaster ride they will leave you feeling calm and panicky at the same time. So instead of facing all those hard times alone let an emotional support animal take care of you. Because an ESA does not feel anxious, agitated, sad or fearful. In fact, staying around the animal will help you focus on the love you have for your pet rather than on the emotions you feel so intensely.

Additionally, a pet, especially a dog has the power to sense that there is something wrong with their owner. As soon as they sense the same, they will give you the support you need. Likewise, when you need their love, a gentle stroke on their head will be a perfect fit.

I personally think that an ESA can work words for you. It is vital for people to realize that ESA’s are there to help you with your mental illness. In fact, it is a proven fact that an ESA will help with anxiety, PTSD, depression through companionship, care, and love. So this is something to talk about, especially if you are dealing with anxiety on a daily basis. You never know an ESA may be the right fit for your mental health condition.

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