End of Tenancy Cleaning Slough – 5 Major Cleaning Spots

End of Tenancy Cleaning Slough – 5 Major Cleaning Spots

When those who live on rent move out from the property, they didn’t pay much attention to clean the property. They get to know the significance of it when the landlord gives them less amount of deposit. So, it is important when you leave a property, take the services of end of tenancy cleaning Slough. As it is the services given by many companies. In the presence of them, you don’t have to invest your time in cleaning, as they handle this part for you and you can spend your time setting up a new home.


When you hire a company, it is important you tell them to clean specific places properly, even if they are professional, such as:

End of Tenancy Cleaning Slough

Cleaning of walls

Walls always stay uncover and one of the most exposed parts of your house. It is better if you don’t try to clean them on your own because you may damage them. All the cleaners are not suitable for walls. As they ruin their paint. There are many cleaning companies who didn’t give this service. Because no one is sure which cleaner is more suitable for the wall. The chance of making thing worse is high.


But the walls are one thing that is noticed by every landlord. So, it is good if you clean clearly visible stains from the wall. Cleaners will definitely have some solution to get rid of those stains.

On the back of appliances and underneath

Once the appliances are installed in a house people forget to clean around them. it is a place which carries so much dust and even has insects’ home. It is important for tenants to clean these places even at the time when they are living in a house.


But at the time of leaving the cleaning of these areas is key. It is a place that is inspected by the landlords often. If they find the place dirty, there is a high chance that they will ask you to clean it again or maybe they cut some money from your deposit. So, even when you hire a company for the cleaning, once they get the job done, inspect the place on your own. If you feel like a job is not done correctly by the cleaners, ask them to do it again.

Proper cleaning of skirtings

You may clean everything in the home and will see no particle of dirt but there is a place where dirt is still hidden. That hidden place is called skirtings. It is a place which is present in the house all around. if you avoid this place, then you may get in trouble. When you are about to leave the property and landlord come to inspect the property, they try their best to find some faults to screw your effort.


So, it is important not to take a cleaning job in your hand. But even if the experts clean the place make sure they clean it as well. You will stay safe from trouble and loss.

Drawers and cupboards od all house

In modern houses, all the cupboards are fit in. So, it is obvious that you have to clean them properly. Mainly the drawers and cupboards of kitchen and bathroom. It is better to clean them in the start and check them in the end too. When you hire the experts, you don’t have to guide them these things as they know how deeply landlords expect everything. The experts also clean the handles.

All other things

In between all the things, there are some small things which need your attention too. Like light bulbs, mirrors and other small items. Tell the cleaning staff to do it for you.

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