Expert Tips On Selecting The Best Pest Control Service Provider
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Expert Tips On Selecting The Best Pest Control Service Provider

Expert Tips On Selecting The Best Pest Control Service Provider

Most people prefer to hire a pest control service provider to control pest infestation in their homes. The pest control service providers offer special methods to deal with pest problems. Different types of pests require different control methods, depending on their life cycle and biology.

Reliable pest control service providers usually work hard and ensure a better job done, to earn your business. However, before contracting with a pest control service provider, it is very important to do a little bit of homework on your part.


We firmly believe that the following tips will surely help you in choosing the best pest control service provider.

  1. Shortlist at least two or three service providers. Ask them for a site visit and have a meeting with the company representative, ensuring that there is no misunderstanding or confusion about the pest control services to be offered.
  2. Ensure your presence at the time of site pest infestation and keep a watch on the representative’s activities.
  3. Ensure that the company representative inspects the infested area properly along with the surrounding areas also, as the pest infestation can be extensive.
  4. Talk to the company representative regarding insurance liabilities and also ask for the liability insurance details. Check if the service provider has liability insurance to cover damages to your house or furnishings during treatment if any.
  5. Also, ensure that the pest control service provider is registered to conduct pest control services business in your region.
  6. Make sure the pest control service provider has all the required licenses and all the licenses are updated.
  7. Check with your friends, relatives, and colleagues for the service provider’s past records or any recommendations.
  8. Ensure that the service provider has a good experience of few years in dealing with pests of your area.
  9. Ask the representative for some references of their clients with whom they have worked previously. Have a word with its previous clients and ask for reviews.
  10. Now compare the type of services, price, and warranty offered by each service provider. Take note that the lowest price is not always the best deal. Get cautious if you observe a great variation between bids offered by different services providers.
  11. Don’t get pressurised by the company representative or the salesperson to sign the contract immediately or pay in advance. Make a wise decision.
  12. Talk to the company representative to point out pest conducive conditions around the infested area, which needs correction, and ask for suggestions also.
  13. Get the contract in writing. Ask the company representative to provide a written inspection report of the pest infestation, along with the treatment procedure plan that they will be following, including chemicals that will be used, contract price, and warranty provided.
  14. A good pest control service provider always answers all the client’s questions and also provided a full warranty of the treatment done. Talk to the company representative and ensure that they will take full responsibility for the treatment and are also available for re-treatment if required.
  15. Make clear that the initial price asked for the treatment assures reasonable success or there may be an extra fee if the service provider needs to re-visit for re-treatment.
  16. Beware of pest control service providers with no business address or no liability insurance.

Closing words

It is always recommended to hire a pest control service provider to get rid of pests, as they help you with an appropriate procedure to get rid of them permanently. It is very important to ensure that you only deal with a genuine service provider, which must have all the relevant operating licenses from the relevant government authorities.

Avoid one who entices you with low prices, only to dupe you. Rather choose one who ensures quality services.

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