Explained In Detail: Top 8 Sectors Providing Driving Jobs

Explained In Detail: Top 8 Sectors Providing Driving Jobs

Driving is a responsibility! You need to be steady, have a grip over your fingers, use resources optimally and be conscious of the public safety around you. An easy search will help you find driving jobs in Bangalore. This article will help you learn more about the sectors where you can consider a job in driving. This will help you back your results with proper concepts and scope.

Best 8 sectors offering driving jobs in Bangalore

1 Transport and Automobile

The first and the most crucial sector wherein, driving jobs in Bangalore could be effortlessly found is the automobile and transport sector. Transportation is a much sought out need for one and all. With an immense amount of trucks, cars, other vehicles production, the reach for this sector proving employment has augmented to a large scale.

2 Ambulance and Health Sector

Health sector has been the highlighting element for many many years. This sector is full of opportunities, ideas, innovations and sophistication. Driving jobs in Bangalore is recommended in the health sector. Ambulance service is a highly preached mode of employment and can be fulfilled with utter commitment and expertise.

3 Taxi or Pick-up and Drop Service

Limo, Uber, Ola and much more have become prevalent in the past few years. People are much dependent upon the taxi service that helps them race with the heavy traffic and the fast paced life. Driving jobs in Bangalore in this sector will help you earn greater benefits with much satisfaction.

4 Food delivery Services

From Zomato to Swiggy, every food app is expected to deliver the food to our doorstep the fastest. It is a job with high hopes and all commitment. If you’re looking for driving jobs in Bangalore, then considering the food delivery sector will indeed be a great option. The framework of this job will help you meet deadlines and whistle all kinds of hindrances away.

Driving jobs have significantly grown in the Indian topography.

5 Truck driver and Heavy Loading

This is one among the most accepted driving occupations in the Indian landscape. Not just in Bangalore, you can be a part of this loading sector in any part of India. The assemblage of drivers in this region is vast and vivid. You need to stay persistent, effortless and be reliable to beautifully etch the intricacies of supply logistics. Safe driving is always a factor here! Your knowledge about the routes and good driving skills will help you fetch better results in searching for locations and routes, meeting the deliveries of the loaded haulings.

6 Bus Services in Educational Infrastructure

One of the prominent sectors that demand for credible drivers is the educational division to build a viable transportation channel for school and university going students. The network is not limited to this, you will also get to witness some wonderful opportunities in the pick up and drop of office personnels to their respective destination. The city buses operated across the city will also help you get into this sector. If you are well accustomed with the roads and certainty of the traffic, then a position in this sector will be most suitable for you.

7 Courier and Newspaper Delivery

Postal industry has inhibited a system of speed post for delivering items in a faster, improved and ceaseless way. While you are searching for robust driving jobs in Bangalore, do not forget to check in the delivery sector first! After food delivery driving occupations, you can go ahead with the courier and newspaper delivery services. Just like other delivery services, time and punctuality are the key factors in this sector.

Essentials to earn your driver’s license

As per the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, you need to upkeep the expectations of the administrative body to gain your certified license of credible driving. Mentioned below is a step by step clearance round that you need to excel effortlessly. Initially you will have to fill a form and then attend the test.

Name of the documents  Form number 
Medical Certificate Form 1A
Application for grant of learner’s license  Form 2
Learner’s Licence Form 3
Application for licence to drive Form 4
Application for the addition of new class of vehicles to a Driving Licence Form 8
Application for the renewal of Driving Licence Form 9
State register of Driving Licence Form 10
State Register of Driving License  Form 10A
Form of Licence for the establishment of a motor driving school Form 11
Form of application for a licence to engage in the business of imparting instructions in driving of motor vehicles Form 12
Form of application for renewing of license to engage in the business of imparting instructions in driving of motor vehicles Form 13
Register showing the enrollment of trainee(s) in the driving school establishments Form 14
Register showing the driving hours spent by a trainee Form 15



By completing these rounds of requirements, you can easily crack a good driving job in Bangalore with better returns.

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