Find a Cleaning Service Business that’s Right for You

Find a Cleaning Service Business that’s Right for You

Cleaning is the buzzword these days, along with words like the pandemic, virus, sanitise and oxygen. Not just cleaning, we need deep cleaning and sanitisation, cleaning that goes beyond visible dirt and helps us stay safe.

Yes, we are talking about professional home cleaning services.

However, the real question is how to find these professional residential cleaning services.

In these times, one needs to be cautious of allowing someone into our homes. We need a service provider who ensures the professionals who execute the home cleaning services follow hygiene protocols, get checked for symptoms like fever and cough.

One professional handyman service provider that we can trust for corporate and residential cleaning services is Easy Fix.   

Easy Fix is an online platform for corporates and individuals to connect with professional handymen professionals anywhere, anytime. Easy Fix grew from a modest setup to one of the leading handymen services providers in India. Today it is building sustainable lives for all the stakeholders.

With ten years of experience, Easy Fix has built expertise in handymen services for corporates, who use the Easy Fix platform as plug and play for outsourced service partnership. Easy Fix also helps individuals to access these top-grade services.

Three easy steps to book residential cleaning services:

Step 1: Describe The Requirement

Visit WWW.EASYFIX.IN, and describe the requirement. Describe the space which needs the home cleaning services, let Easy Fis know about any specific deep cleaning needed. One can also upload a photograph or a video link to let the professionals know about the space. This description will help Easy Fix to assign the most suitable professional.

Step 2: Choose a Convenient Slot

Once you have described the requirement, let Easy Fix know about the date and time the suits your schedule. Easy Fix also allows one to choose an after office hours slot to help you stay focused on your work.

Step 3: Let Easy Fix Contact You

The last step is to enter the address and contact details to let Easy Fix customer care and the professional for the home cleaning services to contact you. Easy Fix booking platform also allows marking the location on the map, enabling the professionals with the exact location to reach you.

Why Easy Fix?

Easy Fix gives us the convenience of booking a handyman professional for residential cleaning services. These professionals are enterprise-grade service providers as Easy Fix works with brands to help them maintain a consistent service level for their office locations across the country. Brands also use Easy Fix to extend their service teams in providing service to their consumers.

All the professionals undergo a complete background verification, ensuring that all resources from Easy Fix are verified. Regular training helps the professionals to stay tuned to the best of technology and expertise.

Easy Fix also uses the latest technology tools like CRM, mobile apps and transparent accounting platforms to provide a great user experience. Corporations get access to platforms that can help raise new orders, manage existing orders. Get visibility in accounting and view dashboards to make informed decisions.

Thus, if you are looking for a professional home cleaning services provider, Easy Fix should be the top choice. Visit Easy Fix online, book now and get the best residential cleaning services at your disposal.

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