Five Major Repercussions of a Leaking Roof

Five Major Repercussions of a Leaking Roof

A leaking roof is a problem in itself, but you may not have realised that this seemingly small problem can cause a whole host of other issues if left to develop. By far the most responsible, safe and cost saving thing to do is to arrange for Reputable roof repairs in Melbourne to take place at the first sign of trouble.

First and foremost is the immediate structural and aesthetic damage which comes with a roof leak. As water seeps into your roof, attic and ceilings of lower rooms, it weakens the otherwise strong frame and materials that hold your home together. Water creates ugly watermarks and yellow stains, and can quite frankly make your home unsafe to live in. Plaster can crumble and wood can rot, and in the worst case scenario your roof could actually collapse.

As well as watermarks, water can leave traces of mould and mildew. Not only is this unsightly to look at, but it can also pose a serious health risk. It has been deemed to be a risk factor for inflammation, congestion and asthma, as well as posing a threat to those who have allergies or suffer from hay fever. The worst thing about mould once it develops is that it can quickly spread all throughout your house. It can get into the air vents, a moist and humid environment where it thrives, and then be transported to every room where it will infect carpets, furniture and even clothes.

Leaking roofs can be a fire safety hazard. As the wall and ceiling material deteriorates, delicate electrical wiring and cabling may become exposed to moisture. As we all know, water and electricity don’t mix, and so you must do everything possible to avoid this catastrophe, which could result in sparking, singeing, fires and even electrocution. Furthermore, leaking roofs can get so bad that they become a general safety hazard, in that water can pool on the floor and cause you to slip.

The next two problems are a result not of the water entering the home, but of the hole in the roof where the leak is. Your roof needs to be a solid barrier to the elements if it is going to adequately protect your home. A hole will be the perfect gateway for vermin and insects to get into your roof and eventually the rest of your home. Anyone who has experienced this will know that it can be an absolute nightmare. Possums scurrying about, chicks nesting and chirping are just a couple of the irritating noises you’ll get. Of course, then there are the droppings and the unpleasant thought of deceased animals lying in your attic if they can’t find their way out.

Finally, these holes in the ceiling are bad news for your heating and cooling bills. All that energy will find those gaps and be wasted, flowing outside. This means you’ll be paying more on bills, relying on heating and cooling heavily because it is so ineffective. Get in touch with TLG Roofing & Restorations for Crucial Roof Repairs Information in Melbourne.

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