Five Things To Be Considered Before Installing a Pool Fence

Five Things To Be Considered Before Installing a Pool Fence

Pool Fences have been used since many years in various ways. During last 10-15 years; importance is given to enforce fence requirements across the country. This is one of the greatest things and this has saved many lives.

Hence, if you are planning to have a pool fence then here some of the things that you must be aware about:

When to opt for free consultation?

With a view to maintain highest quality, it is necessary to get it right the first time. Free consultation taken at an early stage of construction will help you to fix the details.

Things like application of waterproof membrane, tiling, concrete, timber support, core drilling as well as concrete rebates must be taken into consideration. If you wait till the time; everything is completed can lead to risking damage as well as penetration of waterproofing membranes and thus makes installation much more difficult and costly.

Can glasses be cleaned easily?

Products placed in external environment need some form of cleaning and maintenance. In order to keep glasses clean, treat it with wax similar to the one found in car wash detergents that help to keep the glasses clean as well as reduce the number of times the glass needs to be cleaned.

Glasses can be cleaned with a bucket of hot water with the help of car wash detergent and wax additive as well as soft bristled broom and later it is hosed off and let to dry.

Which Pool fencing height can make it safer?

The normal height of any pool fencing is 1200mm from ground surface. Any horizontal surfaces within 1200mm radius from the top of the fence and larger than 10mm can include foot holding which ultimately removes protrusion or we can say additional height in the fence to compensate.

Under certain circumstances, increasing the pool fencing height can also lead to the increase in pool safety. In reality, this measurement came into existence keeping in mind a 5 year old child.

Hence, irrespective of the height; children can easily climb the fence. It is necessary to offer complete pool safety education to children.

Which Fence is better; Stainless steel or powder coated?

Fence made of stainless steel has a luxurious and elegant appeal. It is suited more to an internal application where it is not affected by external elements. In case, it is installed in an external application then there are higher chances of it being tarnished over the time and it also requires cleaning and maintenance. The surface rust doesn’t affect the structural adequacy of the product.

On the other hand, powder coating has over time and with newer technologies; it is considered to be a better alternative for an external application. Standard powder coatings are available with 7year manufacturer warranty and in some of the cases these have 15-20 years warranty.

This comes in many colours and can be cleaned easily with mild detergent.

Which glass is safe; laminated or toughened?

Laminated as well as toughened glasses are considered as “A” grade safety glass. The main difference among the two is that laminated glass when broken stays in one piece whereas toughened glass gets shattered into small pieces.

Use of toughened glass in fencing is highly recommended as it is 5 times stronger as compared to laminated glass. However, when it breaks; it becomes too much messy.

After reading this entire guide, we are sure that you will be able to take perfect decision regarding the pool fence installation. Get the fencing installation work done from one of the expert Pool Fencing Adelaide.

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