Steps To Follow For Pakistan Telecom Equipment Approval

Steps To Follow For Pakistan Telecom Equipment Approval

Every country has its rules to follow. Either the rules are for travelling, going to have a company, starting for a channel or even any electronic equipment usage. The authority or license should be the first priority to be followed. As in Pakistan, the danger zone can come from any place and to keep yourself away from it, try to take precautionary measures. As always play a step ahead. Whether you are using a laptop or a mobile, every electronic device shouldn’t be used without high authority approval. And here in Pakistan, PTA is the high authority having some specific rules of approval to any device. To make you aware of all, follow the given steps below to have a Pakistan Telecom Equipment Approval for secure usage of your devices.

Basic Information Need

The first and foremost important information should be shared is, about the device that you want to have an approval for. PTA always asks you to show all the accessories of any device that you are going to use in the future. As the information should be complete with IMEI number, brand name, model numbers, Postal address, the mobile number that is in use, and at least two to three witnesses that you are going to take this device in premises of the county.


After providing basic verbal information that is documented by them according to their need, then come to the process of documentation. As it is necessary that you should at least submit an ID card copy. The list of all documents that are needed for approval is stated below:

  1. An Application to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Head Quarters.
  2. A shipment copy that can be of anything depending upon the type of travel.
  3. A copy of your CNIC
  4. A copy of Invoice

As these are the most important and private documents, the future issues should be resolved with it, then try to provide the best of all as no fake ID card copies of invoice or even fake applications.

Applicant must apply for NOC:

The final step after all verification’s are to apply for NOC (No Objection Certificate). For this, you need to email all the above-stated documents as scanned to the HQ of PTA. And the same as hand delivery to PTA office. This process will move you to the next level of Pakistan Telecom equipment approval. And the applicant will get the device as dispatched.

It is for our own safety and good that we should be following the rules for electronic, digital or any form of device. As the situation of the world didn’t allow you to even exist with identity or without knowledge. So, Pakistan telecom equipment approval keeps us safe from many hazards. As ever do make a complaint in case any of your approved devices get robbed, someone. So that you do have the proof that yes, the device was approved make it ban inside the country premises due to theft. As this can cause you in trouble even without a reason.

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