Free Online Music Classes for Kids

Free Online Music Classes for Kids

If your child can’t get enough of music and wants to learn an instrument from home, we’ve got your back. Wondrfly is here with a guide to the best free online music classes for kids, so you can waste no time in stoking your little one’s musical passion. 

Encouraging a child’s love of music is one of the best things you can do for their cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development! The benefits of music lessons for kids are enormous and give them a leg up in so many areas. So why not try a free online music lesson for your child, today? 

This list deals with online guitar classes for kids and online piano lessons for kids. Other types of music classes are out there in abundance, but today we’re just covering two of the most popular instruments for kids to learn.

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Free Online Guitar Lessons for Kids

The guitar is a great musical instrument for kids. It’s challenging for the fine motor skills as well as many other cognitive functions, not to mention tons of fun! Kids can take their guitar anywhere for music on the go. They can learn a variety of styles from classical to Spanish guitar to heavy metal! Check out these online guitar classes for kids which are completely free!

Justin Guitar

Justin Guitar is the brainchild of one instructor who has released seven guitar courses ranging from absolute beginner to advanced. They also offer online tools and resources such as an interval ear trainer, master classes, and a guitar learning forum. There’s also a library of popular songs you can learn to play, categorized by difficulty level. They recently came out with an iOS app so you can take your lessons anywhere and access them from any device! 

Kids Guitar Zone

Guitar teacher Andrew Keppie created Kids Guitar Zone to share free online video guitar lessons with kids across the globe. His 10 video guitar lessons help kids get a handle on the basics while learning to play fun songs and riffs along the way. He also provides helpful tips on choosing a guitar for your child. 


Guitareo is a YouTube channel offering free online guitar lessons for kids and adults alike. They have a multitude of trained instructors and a variety of different courses in several genres like blues, bluegrass, fingerstyle, and more! Their beginner’s course is a great starting point for kids, and they can learn to play a host of favorite songs once they get the basics under their belt. 

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Free Online Piano Lessons for Kids

Learning the piano also has a host of cognitive and physical benefits for kids, as well as providing an emotional outlet and a medium for self-expression. Try some of these free online piano lessons for your child!

Hoffman Academy

Hoffman Academy’s sleek and attractive interface makes it a top choice for free online kids’ piano lessons. It has some premium features that cost extra, but the basic program is free and comprehensive. The free program includes over 300 video lessons that will have your child playing like a prodigy before you know it!

Piano Lessons 4 Children

Piano Lessons 4 Children offers 22 completely free online video lessons that will teach your child the piano basics and have them playing songs in no time.

Zebra Keys

Zebra Keys has over 50 online piano lessons for kids, including beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Your child can learn to play songs and chords as well as proper technique, improvisation skills, and music theory concepts from these lessons. 

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