Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair, Thermoregulation Repair

Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair, Thermoregulation Repair

Household appliances firmly entered into our everyday life and become a crucial part. Today, there are many activities that you cannot complete without the appropriate appliance, for example, it is impossible to keep your food refresh and lasting without the refrigerator. But, in case of failure of the refrigerator, it can cause the owners to be in a state of near panic. So, in this write up we will discuss the complete guide of fridge repair that you can do by yourself.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair

What you can fix yourself?

Refrigeration system

You can try to repair this part, only in case, where there is no technician available to repair it. So, before you start repairing the refrigerator, you should know how the system works and on what principle it functions based.

Thermoregulation System

Thermoregulation repair is a somewhat easier function. Many home masters prefer to carry out this repair on their own. However, to begin this, you must compare the purchase price of the spare part and service center charges. Sometimes hiring Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair in Montreal is an economical affair than doing by own.

Electrical System

Electrical Repair is possible and does not involve particularly complexity. Any complex tool is also not required for this process. As a tester and soldering iron are enough for electrical testing. So, being a beginner you can also act on it.

Mechanical System

Mechanical System includes mounts, suspensions, seals, etc. So, in this case, self-repair is also possible.

Principle of Operation

Depending on the cooling method, the units are divided into 3 categories.

  • Compression.
  • Adsorption.
  • Thermoelectric (also called semiconductor)

As all above 3 categories are available in the market but compression equipment is the most common. So, let’s discuss in more detail the  principle of operation of the compression unit:

  • When this device is turned on, the gas is sucked in by the compressor, and then, passing through the condenser is compressed.
  • The condenser cools and liquefies the gas.
  • The further route of the liquefied gas passes through a drying filter, then to the evaporator. Here, there is a rapid expansion of liquefied gas, with a sharp decrease in its temperature.

Some common faults in Fridge that you can fix easily:

Noise during the operation of the unit

Of course, a refrigerator cannot be called an absolutely noiseless appliance, but sometimes it starts producing wild noise. Which is not bearable. Some of the basic reasons are:

  • Firstly, the reason for excessive noise can be due to uneven placement in the refrigerator of bottles, plates, pots, etc.
  • Secondly, sometimes the device is installed unevenly which lead to strong vibrations. But, the problem is easy to fix if you adjust the legs in appropriate height.
  • Sometimes it may be necessary to repair the refrigerator compressor because the noise may occur due to wear of the compressor rubber feet. To leave the unpleasant background sound, replace them with new ones or simply pull them up.

“Puddle” in the fridge

Water at the bottom of the refrigerator compartment is quite common. The reason is that the drain channel is blocked and water is not being drained through the drain hole. So, it can be cleaned using a special tool that comes with the refrigeration unit. If this device is lost then you can use a syringe. Now, observe if water does not accumulate in the refrigerator compartment means you put right actions.


The reasons may be as follows:

  • Incorrectly set temperature. Simply rotate the thermostat knob and set the desired cooling temperature.
  • The temperature in the room is too high. You just have to wait out the heat. And if the device is installed near the heating device, consider another location.
  • Faulty thermostat. Repairing a fridge thermostat with your own hands is risky and ungrateful. So, call the professional immediately.
  • Dust accumulated on the condenser. As a result, the heat exchange between the condenser and the air is disturbed. Coolant cools worse than necessary. Remove dust with a soft textile or vacuum cleaner, and the refrigerator will work.

Freezer door does not open

This is the most common issue, so do not panic! There is no need to repair the freezer because sometimes vacuum holds the door tightly. So wait a while and try again.

The refrigerator is not lit

First, press the light switch several times. If the lighting does not turn on, you will have to replace the light bulb. The procedure is as follows:

1. Disconnect the instrument from the power supply.

2. Remove the cover from the light bulb.

3. Unscrew the light bulb. If it is burned out, replace it with a new one.

4. Install the cover in place, secure it with screws.

If upon inspection of the lamp, it turned out that it is in working condition, then the problem is in the switch itself. To fix it:

1. Unscrew the fasteners carefully and remove the switch housing.

2. Now remove the wire from one of the pins and touch the tester.

3. If the device shows “infinity”, and the device button is not pressed, then the device is faulty.

4. Replace the switch and tightening it with fasteners.

Bottom line

Hope the above write up has given you a complete guide for Fridge Repair and the above-mentioned points will be able to solve your Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair issues.

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