Glassware Packing Tips For Moving

Glassware Packing Tips For Moving

Are you planning to move to or from Pune and worried about the safety of your glassware while moving? Then this blog is definitely going to help you out. You hire packers and movers in Pune to help you out with the best techniques of moving.

Packing glassware is not as easy as packing clothes. Your clothes won’t break if you drop it accidently but for glassware a drop is something worst that can happen to them.

If you have take a decision of packing these items on your own then kitchen is a place which has most of the glassware. You will definitely find yourself nervous while packing such delicate possessions so here are some useful tips to help you out.

1. Get packing supplies for packing glassware

It is impossible to secure your glassware for moving with proper and variety of packing supplies. The glassware consists of stemmed glassware and crystal glassware. Make sure they are sufficiently padded with the help of packing paper and bubble wrap.

So, before you get started with packing your glassware. Here are the packing supplies that you need to get.

• Boxes for glassware

For packing kitchen glasses the best way is to pack them in cardboard containers with thicker walls and strong cardboard. The thicker cardboard provides extra protection to glasses and protects them even if there is as bump in transit. Regular cardboard containers will also do it you fill them with proper padding and cushioning.

• Soft packing paper

We have to follow the right approach to pack these glasses as they are the most delicate possessions of your house. Buy enough packing paper to protect your glasses while packing and the very first layer.

• Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is used as second layer over your glassware; these wraps are filled with air and provide proper cushioning to your valuable possessions. Make sure you purchase good quality of bubble wrap otherwise it won’t protect your glassware in transit.

• Packing tape

Packing tape should also be of good quality to secure the packing and the layers you have put on the glassware while loading, transporting, unloading and unpacking.

• Markers

Buy red or black coloured bold markers to label your delicate possessions.

Sort your glasses before starting with the process of packing

It is very important to sort your glasses and invest time in it even if you are running short of time.

Take only those items with you that you think are worth to be taken that is the reason it is important to sort these items first and the start with the procedure of packing. Otherwise, you waste your time in packing these items safely, you waste money on their transportation and then you waste more space for sorting them at your new place. It’s better to sort them at your old place only.

Try to make things as easy as possible. Go through your glasses, one by one, and set aside any pieces that are not worth your precious time, money and space to be packed properly and then transported to your new place. Such pieces are only good for one thing and that is recycling.

People generally take those things with them that have any kind of sentiments attached to them and then regret afterwards because you don’t feel like keeping damaged things at your new home.

Here is the step by step guide to pack glasses for your new home

This guide will help you out in packing all types of glassware

Reinforce- Use packing tape to reinforce the bottom of each cardboard container you are planning to store your items. Even if you are using brand new packing boxes then also it is important to do it, including specialized dish boxes. This is just a precautionary measure for being safe than sorry. Even if you skip this step then that doesn’t mean that your possessions will break

Insulate – Crumple a few sheets of newspaper or soft packing pairand place it on the bottom of each dish box to fill the empty spaces that should be able to absorb all the bumps orvibrations in transit. A few bubble wrap sheets will also be required to provide a soft protective layer on the bottom of the box, it is better to use bubble wrap because newspaper can leave the ink stains on your precious items.

Empty a station for packing- Take the stack of soft packing paper and lays them out on a surface of a kitchen table. If you don’t have any table then you can use the clean floor of any of your rooms to pack safely. Make sure the packing paper is also clean enough.

Wrap the glasses – Take a kitchen glass and place it in the center. Take two ends of the paper and tuck them inside the glass and then roll the paper around to provide a complete layer of packing paper. Do this with all the pieces that you have sorted to be taken to your new address.

Put the tape – to secure the packing of your glassware, you need to tape it so that it stays intact in transit.

Bubble wraps it – glassware packing is incomplete if you don’t put the layer of bubble wrap over it. so, bubble wrap your glasses properly

Put the glasses in the box – Then start putting the glasses in firmly in the cardboard boxes in a way that very less space is there in between the glasses.

Provide padding – The best and safest way is to arrange all the glassware into a box, use pieces of paper or sheets of bubble wrap to fill in any spaces inside the cardboard boxes. The main goal is to provide immobilization to the boxes during transit. Then seal the boxes with packing tape.

Label it with a marker – when you are done with the process of packing then it’s time to label these boxes properly and don’t forget to mention in bold letters that these items are “FRAGILE” or “HANDLE WITH CARE” or “GLASSWARE”.

You have to go through all this to pack your glassware with utmost safety. You can hire packers and moves in Pune to help you out with their professional techniques.

Have a happy and smooth move!

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