Here’s How Drones Can Improve Home Security

Here’s How Drones Can Improve Home Security

(Summary:Here is how drones can be an effective part of your home security.)

From military purpose, shipping, sports events, photography to disaster management, drones have been proven effective in every domain they are used for.

What about using these unmanned aircraft for home security?

This is because home security is continuously driven by technology and new innovations are put into practice. Drones are the latest addition to the list of those innovations.

They have a lot of advantages compared to a simple CCTV. Apart from capturing images, they have sensors to identify people, animals, and cars as well as speed which actually help in maintaining home security even if the security guard is not hired. And they can’t be damaged by a potential intruder like a fixed CCTV.

Sophisticated devices like drones are more important as 2.5 million burglaries are reported each year in the USA.

Here is a detailed explanation of how drones can benefit your home security.

Drones Cover More Area

CCTV cameras are stationary and have a limited area to cover. But that’s not a case with a drone. A drone can cover more area the way you want. You can fly them anywhere across your premises covering inside as well as outside, including hard-to-reach areas.

Some companies like Sunflower Labs make home security drones being equipped with smart lights, motion detector, sounds and night vision camera, and 4K camera. Given that a drone can cover all areas across the sites, you don’t need to install CCTV cameras everywhere. This way, you can have peace of mind about the security of your property, your family.

Simple to Operate

Operating drones are not rocket science. Even people with little to no tech knowledge can operate them efficiently. Generally, they come with a remote featuring easy navigation options. Some drones can also be operated via WiFi.

Detect and Deter the Potential Burglars

As drones are being manufactured for home security, they are equipped with intelligent sensors to detect movement across the property. These sensors not only detect the “malicious” or unusual presence but also deter the prospective burglar or intruders with a flashing light and sound.

Besides, it can investigate and record the activity, recording it live to your device. Some home security drones can alert the police or your security company if they sense any suspicious behavior.

Work Seamlessly With Your Security Guards

You can have more consolidated home security by pairing your security guard with technology like a drone. For example, a security company can integrate a drone with their security software through WiFi.

Security guards can control the drones to monitor the areas beyond their reach; to send immediate alerts, and to operate drone patrols. This helps a security system dispatch a drone to the site of the incidents and the drone can report with a live video back to the security guards.

Detect Leak, Smoke, and Fire

Security drones not only detect the happenings but also help you analyze the occurrences like a water leak or fire breakout. In case of fire, they can survey the fire progression and deliver information to the firefighters or emergency services. They can also be used to survey the site for pipeline leak or other damages.


So you must have understood how a drone can be an effective home security tool. They not only help you monitor but also detect and deter the potential dangers. However, you shouldn’t have relied totally on them for your home security. This is because of their limitations like short battery life, not being able to hover all day long, and then they can be expensive. Therefore, they should be a part of your home security, instead of being an absolute alternative. One more thing—make sure to get your drone registered with FAA to get a flying permit.

Author Bio: Ahmad Hamidi is an author and editor at Secure Guard Security Services, a leading security guard company in California region.

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