Why High Tensile Wire Fence?

Why High Tensile Wire Fence?

If you are looking to fence the perimeters of a deer farm, then having a strong fence that will hold the animals inside securely is very important. A deer fence can be built with many ways, but a very popular choice is a high tensile deer fence because of the many benefits it offers.

Makes Fence Stronger

Deer are very athletic, strong creatures and so require very robust fencing of a minimum of 8ft in height. If you don’t ensure that your fence is strong, then the deer may crash through the fence causing damage to the fence and possibly themselves. To make sure that this does not happen, you need to use the strongest fencing wire in the market. High tensile wire fences are very strong and are therefore the best option for building your deer fence.  It does not stretch with weathering and will return to its original shape after impact from a running animal.

High Tensile Wire FenceLasts Longer

High tensile wire fence lasts longer than many other types of fencing. High tensile wires can often last up to 40 years or longer. It is very low maintenance as it does not require annual retightening, and because it withstands impact well it will not need much repair.

Economical Option for Fencing Large Areas

High tensile wire is a very economical way to fence large areas of your farm. Firstly, it is cheaper than other forms of fencing – wooden fence for example is very expensive. If you decide to use wire fencing, high tensile gives a significant cost advantage over low carbon steel due to its much longer lifespan. Since a high tensile wire fence can last for up to 40 years and requires very little maintenance, it is a more economical investment than low carbon steel fence. As such, the cheaper acquisition cost and the longer life of the high tensile wire make it one of the most economical choices for you to build a fence.

Safer Option for Your Deer

High tensile wires are also safer for your deer than other options, like barbed wire. If you opt for a barbed wire fence, then there is a very high possibility that the deer might get caught in the wires and injure themselves. High tensile fencing can be manufactured with varying aperture sizes to increase strength and impact resistance, and also to help prevent animals getting caught in the fence. Therefore, a high tensile fence is a much safer option for your deer.

A  is very easy to install, and requires minimal maintenance when compared to wooden fences. So if you are looking for a cheap fencing option for your farm without sacrificing the quality of the fence, then a high tensile fence is the way to go.

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