Why Should You Hire or Buy Projectors and Neglect Flat Panels

Why Should You Hire or Buy Projectors and Neglect Flat Panels

The industry of video screening is making a lot of noise these days. It is primarily due to the decrement in prices and ever-increasing sizes of flat-panel screens. It is indeed a sound argument. Why shouldn’t someone buy a flat-screen when the prices are low? However, it is essential to consider any problems that the projection industry is facing. Before you opt for a flat-screen, you have to find out whether projectors are really old-fashioned or not. No matter what anyone says or believes, companies of projector screen rental Los Angeles aren’t dead. This topic may appear biased but will place a few alluring reasons to choose projectors.

The matter of technology

Many people believe that projection and projectors are on the verge of extinction. However, as soon as experts are about to declare the end of projectors, manufacturers come with a new product. Every new projection device is better than the previous one. Projector manufacturing companies have been pushing the industry forward for years. Quite recently enough, projector manufacturers overcame the most significant objection that they faced from clients. The lifespan of the projector bulbs used to be somewhere between three to five thousand hours. People had to look for replacements after the completion of this tenure. The projector bulbs of today can run thirty thousand hours without requiring any maintenance.

The size

Nobody prefers watching movies on the small screen of a smartphone. Flat-panels are going to offer a much more enjoyable viewing option. It doesn’t matter whether you’re watching a live football match or attending a corporate meet. Size is crucial to everyone, and that is why people seek larger screens. Of course, a projector screen is much bigger than any flat-screens you will find. The good thing is that you won’t even have to buy it. A company of sound equipment rental near me has projectors and screens for hire. Projectors screens can make everything appear larger and more prominent than anything else.


There is an advantage of projectors that nobody talks about. A two-piece projection system is a customizable device. You can configure the projector as well as the characteristics of the screens. You won’t have to restrain yourself to one of three standardized screen measurements. It is something typical of flat-panels. Rental companies can provide you with projector screens based on your order. Projectors aren’t old-fashioned but the 16:9 aspect ratio is. There is no reason for you to put up with the annoying black bars at the top and bottom of the screen. With a 2.35:1 ratio, you can entirely eliminate those black stripes.

The glare

Large flat-panels indeed exist, and they can cause you a lot of pain in your bum. First of all, a massive flat-panel is going to come with an equally majestic price-tag. Secondly, you can’t ignore the glare of these flat-panels. If the screen is too large, then the issue of the glare intensifies. However, the glare problem ceases to remain if you use a projector. A high-quality projector screen has a uniform, matte finish. It eliminates the glare, which is commonplace with flat-panels.

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