How the Durability Years will be Shortened of Asphalt Pavement

How the Durability Years will be Shortened of Asphalt Pavement

If you mistake the procedure or the process of asphalt pavement, the durability years will be shortened:

In addition to general concrete pavement, there are also methods using asphalt pavement often seen on the road for the pavement work of the ground by the driveway paving companies.

Asphalt is suitable for paving of parking lots because drainage is good and the surface is not slippery, it is not possible to demonstrate the proper performance unless you follow the usual procedure and there is a possibility that the durability years will be shortened.

In this section, I would like to explain step by step how the asphalt pavement work is carried out.

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Table of contents

  • Basic asphalt pavement procedure and process meaning
    • Asphalt paving work process 1 Roadbed
    • Asphalt paving work process 2 Underground roadbed
    • Asphalt paving work process 3 Upper layer roadbed
    • Asphalt paving work process 4 stratum
    • Asphalt paving work process 5 Surface layer


    Meaning of basic asphalt pavement procedure and process

    When you want to pave your driveway or parking lot you have to follow these necessary steps. Asphalt pavement construction has roughly divided into five stages, “Roadbed”, “Underlying Road”, “Upper Road”, “Substrate” and “Surface” from the bottom.

    Here, l will explain the contents of each process together with the effects obtained by that process.

    Asphalt paving work process 1 Roadbed

    It is the lowest layer of pavement, laying the part called “roadbed”.

    Since the roadbed is located at a depth of about 1 meter (for commercial use and it increases or decreases according to the use) from the road surface, I start with digging work to dig into that depth. Now you have need to lay sand in the ditches that have been dug and build a foundation for paving. Since the load on the pavement surface will eventually be received on this road floor, if the road floor is weak, problems such as ground subsidence may occur.

    If the ground is too vulnerable, we may reinforce the ground by burying reinforcing bars.

    Asphalt paving work process 2 Underground roadbed

    “Roadbed” is a part that supports the midpoint of pavement, and it has the role of distributing loads and shocks to upper and lower layers, respectively.

    You will have to lay down crushed stones and gravel on the roadbed where we have finished laying.

    It is said that many of the crushed stones used for the lower roadbed are relatively large in order to secure the load firmly.

    Asphalt paving work process 3 Upper layer roadbed

    Here will also need to lay down crushed stone in the upper layer of the roadbed as well. The upper roadbed has the role of uniformly receiving the load transmitted from the base just above and distributing it to the lower layer, so many crushed stones are relatively small. In order to reduce the loss of load distribution as much as possible, crushed stone with the uniform size is used. After crushing the crushed stone, press it with a road roller, etc.

    By firmly compressing to the prescribed density, you can get a solid foundation.

    Asphalt paving work process 4 stratum

    It is a layer laid on the roadbed, the material from here becomes asphalt. Because the base layer is a layer that becomes a cushion between the upper roadbed and the upper surface layer, the asphalt used will be rich in flexibility.

    Although it is being done, the top road surface of the crushed stone is covered with soft asphalt, and more working to increase the adhesion to the surface layer.

    Asphalt paving work process 5 Surface layer

    The uppermost part of the pavement, the layer of asphalt that you usually see is called the surface layer.

    Asphalt which emphasizes durability rather than flexibility is used for the surface layer supported by the base layer.

    It will distribute the load and impact on the road surface to the base layer and keep the road surface flat so that user can comfortably pass through.

    The asphalt paving companies also do the work called “remaining bulk” which tilts towards drainage so that water does not accumulate on the road surface.

    After the overgrowth has been completed, perform a “rolling” operation that treads asphalt spread as a finish with a roller or the like. The asphalt just laid is soft and fluffy, but it will become a hardened road surface by rolling pressure.

    In that case, care is necessary for temperature management. Asphalt softens at high temperature and solidifies as it cools, but it will cause distortion and cracking if it cools down during rolling.

    In order to finish on a beautiful paved surface, it is necessary to keep rolling while maintaining sufficient temperature.

    Special tools and materials used in the construction of asphalt pavement work. Paving work of asphalt is done by dedicated vehicle, heavy machine, and equipment.

    Read the topic introduction of tools used for construction together with materials.


    The main points of the process of asphalt pavement construction are summarized below.

    1. Asphalt pavement work has roughly divided into 5 steps

    By avaricious what kind of work is necessary to fully validate the features, you may be able to easily arrange conferences when asking the contractor for yourself.

    I am happy if the knowledge presented this time will be useful to everyone.

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