How to Choose the Best Tent for Your Next Party at Tampa Bay

How to Choose the Best Tent for Your Next Party at Tampa Bay

Although there are several venues for tent parties in Florida, Tampa Bay is particularly preferred by event-throwers because of its excellent weather, clear skies, abundant sunshine, and wide availability of all kind of amenities. No matter what your occasion is, a graduation party or a wedding ceremony, you can arrange it here in no time. However, before you start, look for the best party rentals in the Tampa Bay area for your big day. Here are a few tips to choose the perfect tent for your next event:

Check the Fabrics

First thing first, when you are in need of a premium quality tent, start with checking the hardware, i.e., the fabric and pole. Polyester is considered as the top material in most of the pop-up party-tents. That is because it is lightweight and known for its durability, and water resistivity. However, occasionally, you can find some pole and frame tents too with the fabric. The strength of a polyester fabric can be determined from its denier. Higher the denier, stronger the material will be.

Vinyl coated polyester is another material which is quite common in pole, tension, and frame tents. These tops offer better protection against the UV rays and other weather elements than the ordinary polyester materials. Moreover, the flame-resistant properties in most of the vinyl tops and ease of cleaning also make this fabric a preferred option for party tents. Consider Your Metal Choice
Both aluminum and steel are used for making the structure of party tents. The steel poles are stronger and heavier which makes them perfect for windy weather. Aluminum poles, on the contrary, are the preferred choice due to their portability.

Choose the Right Structure

For parties in an elevated area, open-sided tents work well although they are not that comfortable for your guests. Tents with sidewall openings are the next best option for parties in a windy area as it channels the gusts of wind. In addition, tents with adequate tension wires and stakes secure it tightly with the ground. The open-sided tents are ideal if you plan to hire DJs because they often use sensitive equipment.

Torrential rains can be problematic for the tents, which do not have gutters. Look out for the ones with a properly designed channel so that you can avoid water accumulation on the canopy top.

Measure the Space Required

You can calculate how much space is needed in some simple steps. First, take the guest count and then decide the seating arrangement. For example, you have invited eight guests, and everyone will be seated at a 60” table. Typically, in this case, you will require a 100 square feet area. If it is a bridal party and you will use the traditional long head tables, allocate 10’ x 10’ space for each of them. Similarly, the eight feet buffet tables need 10’ x 10’ space. The need for space will increase further if you want to put other items like a stage or a dance platform. In these cases, you want to allocate more than you require, as no one will want to be too close to the stage. For instance, a 12’ x 12’ dance floor will need a 16’ x 16’ space, which means you need to add more 256 square feet.

Learn How to Install

Organizing a tent party becomes more enjoyable with easy-to-install items. Installing the pop-up tents is incredibly easy, making it perfect for lonesome organizers who are arranging parties with few guests. Otherwise, stick to the manual or seek professional if you are not sure how to set it up.

While looking for party rentals in the Tampa Bay area, focus mostly on the comfort of your guests. Whether you are planning a close get-together or for business use, a party tent is a necessary investment. So choose wisely. Check the venue where you are going to host the party and weather conditions to make the event fun and enjoyable.

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