How To Choose the Right SaaS Localization Solution Partner?

How To Choose the Right SaaS Localization Solution Partner?

We all know how important localization is for your global business expansion. Regardless of what product or service you are offering, you need a reliable localization solution in place. Choosing the right SaaS localization  Solution service provider is essential to make your business stand strong in the international marketplace. 

Localizing your business would optimize your online user experience and make your brand more accessible to foreign audiences. Although, localization is not that simple; one should have a fair amount of experience to do it right. This is the main reason why most businesses would hire a localization service provider, rather than doing it themselves. 

There are several things you have to keep in mind while choosing the perfect service provider for localization. Read this article to know about the factors you have to consider to choose the best localization service provider to execute your business expansion strategy. 

Criteria To Choose SaaS Localization Solution Provider

Localization for software products would be more complicated and technical, so have to make sure that you give it in good hands. Following are the major factors that should be considered to choose the right service provider for your localization project. Moreover, the choice of your localization partner also depends on your unique business localization needs and expected outcomes. 

Qualification & Certifications 

The first thing you should look for in your service provider is the qualifications and certifications of the localization team. You have to make sure that the translators, handling your content, are experienced and qualified enough to provide quality outcomes. You can ask your service provider about the qualification of the team managing your product and what certifications they have.

Well, not all companies are going to disclose the private information of their employees to the clients. So, it is very important to choose a service provider that keeps things transparent between you and the localization team. 

Moreover, it is also important to know about the localization process of the service provider. How do they train their translators to develop an understanding of localization projects? How do they check the quality? Do they have native translators, or do they outsource the project? It is critical to know more about your localization team to be sure that they would meet your expectations.

Use of Tools & Technology 

It is very important to consider which tools and technologies your service provider is using. Every service provider has its own tools to manage localization products. Depending on project scope, goals, and expectations, you have to choose someone who has the exact tools to handle your project. Before closing the deal, you must confirm that the service provider has all the tools required for your localization project. You should find someone who understands your business needs and follows your processes throughout the project. 

Moreover, make sure your service provider is ensuring data security and privacy. Your localization partner should be taking all security measures to keep your confidential data secure. You might need to use the localization on different platforms, so you must inquire with your service provider about the stability and portability of localization Solution.  

Feedback of Existing Customers 

To find the right service provider, you have to first evaluate their reputation in the market. It wouldn’t be that hard in this age of social media. To get an idea about the credibility of your localization company, you can look up their Google My Business reviews or check their social media pages. Thanks to social media, as it has made things quite transparent now. You can look for the comments of customers and see the questions they are asking or problems they are facing. 

The social media pages of the companies would give you an idea about their overall client satisfaction rate. It would make it even easier for you to decide whether you want to hire them or not. 

Support & Communication 

Your international brand credibility and business growth depend on the localization solution, so you must stay in touch with the localization team. Your service provider should be offering effective communicative support to its clients. You can ask your service provider about the means of communications they prefer using and what times they are available. 

For instance, some prefer emails, and others may go for phone calls. It is very important to know what is the preferred means of communication by your service provider; it will save you from a lot of hassle in the future. Especially, if your service provider is outside your country, it is very imperative to have some reliable means of communication. 

Pricing & Budget  

Cost and pricing are also important factors to consider while choosing your localization partner. Of course, you have to find someone providing the best localization services within your budget. There are many cost-effective solutions available; you can compare the perks and services they are offering to choose the right option for you. Based on the services they are offering; the budget of localization would increase or decrease accordingly. 

It might take you some time to find the service provider catering to all of your expansion needs, that too staying in your project budget. 


Choosing the right service provider would not just ensure your global business success, but also make your localization journey hassle-free. Make sure you are considering all the factors mentioned in this article before selecting your SaaS localization service provider. View More

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