How to do Home Cleaning in Adelaide in Less Than an Hour

How to do Home Cleaning in Adelaide in Less Than an Hour

Who’s got time for home cleaning in Adelaide? Not most people it seems. Between work, family, and making sure you have a little time to look after yourself, cleaning your home is a necessary evil. BUT, there are things you can do to clean your home in a shorter amount of time. In fact, our tips can have your home clean in under an hour. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our clever Home Cleaning tips for your Adelaide home, that can all be done in under 60 minutes.

The quick or the bed

Do a clean sweep of each bedroom by stripping beds and putting dirty sheets and linen in the laundry hamper. When putting fresh sheets back on the bed, take a tip from hotel maids. They get hundreds of beds done within hours by lifting the corner of each mattress with one and tucking with the other. Put clutter in drawers or wardrobes, and wipe down surface areas with a dry microfiber cloth. Start in one corner of the room and make your way around the room dusting each area from the back to front, lifting items as you go. Use a long duster to get the hard to reach areas, and don’t stress, let all the dust fall straight to the floor. Once you’ve finished dusting, you can start vacuuming. From the area closest to your door, reach to the furtherest corner, and using long strokes run the vacuum over over each part of the floor once.

The bathroom rush

Start by spraying your sink, vanity, shower, and bathtub with all-purpose cleaning spray and let it sit for a few minutes. Sprinkle baking soda in your toilet bowl, give it a scrub with the toilet brush and flush. Spray and wipe down the outside of the toilet, seat, and tank. Use glass cleaner and paper towel wiping in a circular motion to clean your mirror and glass. To get into hard-to-reach spots use a hard brush or old tooth brush, and scrub all the areas that have been soaking with your cleaning spray. Once scrubbed, you should be able to wipe away with a Chux cloth. Wipe back to front all fixtures, shelves, counters and tiles. Wipe your bathtub and shower with a damp cloth. After you have taken care of all the home cleaning of your Adelaide bathroom, mop the bathroom floor starting in the far corner and finishing in the doorway. Make sure no one walks on the tiles until they are dry.

Beat the kitchen timer

If you have a dishwasher, half the kitchen home cleaning time at your Adelaide place by loading the dishwasher and starting the cycle while you take care of everything else. Clean the clutter from your bench tops, put everything away that doesn’t belong there. Soak any stains on your bench or stove top, and then clean all areas including appliances with a purpose spray and microfiber cloth. Wipe any dirt and crumbs on the floor to be swept up later. Sweep or vacuum floor and then give it a once over with a wet mop.

Flash through the family room

The rest of your home, including your lounge room, family room, or rumpus room, can be cleaned pretty quickly. Scan the room for what’s amiss, straighten up and put items in storage areas. Dust shelves back to front, and clean wall hangings and window dressings with a long duster, letting dust fall to the floor. Clean any glass with window cleaner and paper towel. Once all neat and tidy, vacuum the floor and you are all done!

This type of quick clean is ideal when you are short on time or have unexpected company coming over. If you would like a more professional clean or need help with a much larger Home Cleaning in Adelaide, you can trust the team at Ascott Cleaning Solutions; simply call 0452 232 824.

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