How to Find Affordable Student Accommodations Near Macquarie University?

How to Find Affordable Student Accommodations Near Macquarie University?

When starting your university life, you’re not only stressed about meeting new people but finding an affordable place to stay as well.

While services such as Iglu Student accommodation make it easier to find affordable accommodations, it is still challenging to know what you should look for. Find out how you can get reasonable accommodations near your universities.

What Affects the Cost of Accommodations?

With services such as Iglu Student accommodation, you will find details on how the price of accommodations is determined. This can help you when you’re looking for accommodations and successfully find one that fits your budget.


The location of the accommodation is crucial when it comes to the price. The closer it is to the university campus, the higher the price is. When students move to a different city for their university, they would want to live closer to the campus. Living closer to the campus is easier when they’re new to the city and aren’t familiar with the roads. Hence, the accommodations near the university get filled quickly.

When trying to find student accommodations in Melbourne, it is best to opt for neighbourhoods farther away from the heart of the city. Here, find them out.


Living close to the campus is not the only criteria that most students have. When you move to a new city, you would want to be closer to other amenities. Easy access to public transport, entertainment options, and other amenities are also necessary when you’re trying to find an affordable place. The closer to the heart of the city, the more expensive your accommodation will be.


Some neighbourhoods are safer than others, but it is easy to feel unsure about everything when you’re moving to a new city. When looking for student accommodation, ensure that you read up on the neighbourhoods first.
While safer neighbourhoods do not necessarily ask for exorbitant rents, the prices are likely to be a little more expensive. However, when you’re new to the city, it is best not to compromise on safety.

What Types of Accommodations Are Available Near Macquarie University?

When trying to find student accommodations, it is best to get in touch with the university you will be attending. Not only can you learn more about on-campus housing, but your university will also be able to guide you to well-loved resources for student accommodations.

Typically, there are three types of accommodations available near Macquarie University:


These are self-contained units, although they can be small. Here, you will find a kitchenette, washroom, living room, and bedroom, all in one place. They are generally small, and you will usually not need to share your space with anyone else.

Private Rooms

Living with a roommate requires a lot of adjustment. Hence, many students opt for private rooms. While you may have your room, having an attached bathroom is not guaranteed. Typically, the washroom and kitchen are shared when you live in dorms with private rooms.

Shared Rooms

When you share with a roommate, it is known as shared rooms. Typically, the room has accommodations for two people and may or may not have a washroom attached. Shared rooms do not have any dividers or partitions, meaning that you would have to spend a lot of time with your roommate.

Finding affordable accommodations can be difficult, but you can get more insight on websites about Iglu student accommodation. These services often offer a student discount as well, which makes things a little easier on your wallet.

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