How to Find Jobs Online – 6 Secrets For Job Search Success

How to Find Jobs Online – 6 Secrets For Job Search Success

1. Learn to network

“Even today, work is often found through word of mouth, which should not be confused with the recommendation. And how do you activate effective word of mouth? Becoming part of a network of professionals, university professors and opinion leaders in the field in which you would like to work.It is from them that we must be appreciated, creating relationships that go well beyond Linked in. The ideal to be helped spontaneously in the search for a job is to build an informed relationship, a relationship in which the people of the network know your skills and at the right time can signal you to those in duty.”

How is a network built? We advise our students to start thinking about them as early as the third year of university: start with the professors and experts in the field you meet. And remember, the most profitable relationships must be cultivated over time; it is not enough to call a person only when you need it.

2.A little surfing

“The network comes only after, with the sending of the curriculum, social networks, etc. But be careful … rather than sending them, you will have to enter them on the websites of the companies, so that they are immediately accessible for personal searches. It may seem like a waste of time, but it’s not like that. Those who offer jobs first look for their company database. After all, if you think about it, it’s not that strange “.

3.Do not neglect agencies and selection companies

“Short jobs, especially at the beginning, should not be underestimated: they represent a way to get in touch with a company and understand that the world of work is a bit different from how we had imagined it at the time of the University. So do not forget to go around the agency agencies and recruitment companies: from there many hires pass. “

4.A nice resume? It serves up to a point

“The curriculum must be clear and well written. This is for granted. It is enough that it is easy to read and that it contains all the useful information. But do not overestimate it: it is worth 1 point compared to the 100 points you will earn by being active on the market. It is the philosophy of parking, which I explain in my book: to find parking under the house more than anything, including luck, count determination and a strategy “.

5.The stall? Go ahead and ask the network for advice

“If you have built a professional network, it will also be useful in moments of stalemate. For example, when you need to understand what new skills are required in your industry, if there are any outgoing courses or initiatives that can help you qualify. Learn to listen to those who know more than you, and never stop cultivating your professional network, even when you have found it now “.

6.Tricks to hit the breeders? One only!

“We are always looking for tricks to help us get through job interviews, hoping for a certain ingenuity of breeders. Of course, appearing at a bank interview with the crest (perhaps) is not a good idea, but otherwise it all comes down to a little ‘common sense and behave in a serious way, without pretending to be another. From my experience in human resources, there is one thing that really makes the difference: the knowledge of English at a level that allows you to speak on the phone. It is appreciated, even if not everyone says it: instead of looking for tricks to hit those who will talk to you practice with English, even though Skype lessons. The fluent English (better if combined with the knowledge of some other language) is what can still make you shine “. It was a small effort on the behalf of The Job Listing as well as an opportunity for the people to find the latest job vacancies.

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