How to Know Your Ducted Air Conditioner Needs Service
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How to Know Your Ducted Air Conditioner Needs Service

How to Know Your Ducted Air Conditioner Needs Service

When the heatwave picks pace during the summer, and your commercial premise seems like a hot oven, a ducted air conditioning system can take care of the cooling requirements. Similarly, you want the place to stay cosy and warm during the chill of winter and an adequately insulated workplace to maximize the performance of the ducted AC. Despite all the efforts to keep the AC in top shape, regular servicing of the system is essential.

The following points highlight that you need a reputed ducted air conditioning service Melbourne immediately.

1. Contamination of indoor air

Commercial places or homes with ducted air conditioners require regular cleaning of filters of the system. Unchanged or unclean filters allow dirt and debris to enter your home quickly and cause illness. Filters can also hamper operations of the AC. If your ducted air conditioning system is not functioning correctly or making your family sick often, you have to ask the service personnel to examine the condition of the ducted AC.

2. Lack of cold air

You are aware that the ducts in your AC are responsible for carrying cold air to your rooms and return warm air outside. If you are not satisfied with the cooling effect, it is time to call a technician for cleaning the ducts. However, you should avoid going for the DIY approach of cleaning the pipes as they stay hidden behind the walls and ceilings.

3. Growth of mould

The air ducts of the system also accumulate moisture, which not only damages the system but results in the growth of mould. If you notice mould growth in the ceilings and walls, you must talk to a reliable ducted air con service Melbourne to make the system dry and overcome the increase of moisture.

4. Allergies

Due to gaps in the ducts, debris, such as dust and pollen can collect inside. Dirty ducts affect the quality of air inside the home and cause nasal allergies. Call the AC servicing centre immediately to clean the canals and keep illnesses at bay. When instances of allergies increase in your house or workplace, you have to communicate with a reliable technician to get the right solution.

If someone in your house suffers from respiratory illness, such as asthma, it is essential to clean the filters regularly. Once the allergens due to dirty filters build up inside the ducts, they can stay there for several months. Whenever you switch on the AC, those allergens can release in the air enhance the chances of asthmatic attack. If your loved one is suffering from frequent asthmatic attacks or other respiratory illnesses, you should not delay the cleaning work.

5. Partial cooling effect

If you find that a few rooms are only moderately cold when the ducted AC stays on, there could be malfunctioning in the system or hole in the duct. If you leave the hole in the pipe unattended, it can result in increased cost of operation and release pollutants inside the home. As soon as you detect an issue on your ducted AC, you should call a professional someday.

If you have a ducted air conditioning system at your home or office, it is necessary to check it regularly. When the air has to struggle to move through the ducts, the AC system needs to work harder to keep the rooms fresh. A restricted flow of air can make the air pressure stagnant, enhance the energy bills, results in frequent breakdowns, and reduce the lifespan of the AC. Therefore, you should undertake regular servicing of the AC unit.

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