How To Put Your Noisy Hardwood Floors To Silence

How To Put Your Noisy Hardwood Floors To Silence

Have your hardwood floors started uttering unreasonable sounds? We know exactly how irritating this tends to be.

Squeaking and creaking floors get to the nerves of the residents and these are most common in old homes. And what should you do to hush them? Replace them with new, high-quality laminate floors?

Well, this certainly is an effective solution, but costly a prospect too.

So here we have brought for you some easy fixes to your noisy hardwood floors which would help you get rid of the undue sounds:

If There are Gaps Beneath

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If you find visible and accessible gaps beneath the floors, these could be mitigated easily.

You need to find out the exact location of the squeak and find the amount of space present between the floor joist and the subfloor.

Next, take a wood shim, spread some carpenter’s glue on it and push it into the gap. Do not try to force the shim and never hammer it into the gap.

If The Gaps Are Long

Shims are capable of hushing only small gaps and if the gaps are long enough (or running parallel to the floor joist length), you may not be able to install a lot of shims.

For all these long gaps, you can use a caulking gun and fill the space between the subfloor and the joist directly with the glue. And do not forget to check gaps on the other side of the joist to fill them with glue too.

hardwood flooring long gap

If Floor Joists Face Troubles

Troubles Persist In Floorboards

Floor joists could be subjected to a number of troubles and these include warping, shrinking, twisting, or deteriorating etc.

Due to these, you can easily see a considerable amount of space between the plywood subfloor and the joist, which leads to a squeaking sound when someone walks on it.

To fix these, you can install a board along the joist which causes noises and nail it (or screw it) down securely.

If The Troubles Persist In Floorboards

If Floor Joists Face Troubles

Squeaking sounds may also occur when the wooden floors and underlying plywood subfloors rub against each other. Besides the floorboards may also rub against the nails that hold the flooring.

How do you stop these movements?

Just drive short screws from the underside of the subfloors into the finished flooring bottom and this would hold the floorboards to stop the noises.

However, make sure not to drive too long nails which lead to troubles.

If The Noises Are From The Top

You can use some high-quality and innovative floor-quieting products which could be easily installed on the top to eliminate the noise from any part of the floor.

And while all these jobs could be accomplished easily, if you wish to get an expert’s help, you can call some reputed flooring contractors to assist your needs.

For instance, you can contact Prime Floors which is one of the most reputed hardwood and laminate flooring contractors in Auckland and offers the best flooring assistance at the most reasonable charges.

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