How to select the right balustrade for your Adelaide home

How to select the right balustrade for your Adelaide home

Choosing the right balustrade will not only enhance the safety of your Adelaide home but also provide a necessary finishing touch. Whether you want to install balustrades on your balcony, staircase, verandah, porch or deck, the options are endless. Below we have outlined all the different materials you can use.


For those who own country or heritage styled homes, lace balustrade is the ideal option. Just like traditional lace, lace balustrades follow an intricate pattern that creates a delicate look that will be admired by many. The pre-determined patterns are crafted from either aluminum or cast iron panels to create the lace look.

Wrought iron/aluminum

If you wish to inject a decorative element to your balcony, staircase, verandah or deck, then wrought iron or aluminum balustrades are the right choice for you. There are a range of different designs to select from including individual posts that are fashion into scrolls, rings and twists. While wrought iron and aluminum are very similar, they do offer different advantages. For example, wrought iron balustrades are an authentic choice, as they use to be used traditionally. However, for those who aren’t concerned about authenticity, wrought aluminum won’t rust and is much more cost effective than wrought iron.


Many households avoid the inclusion of balustrades, as they believe it ruins the views, as well as the look and feel of the outdoor area that has been created. For those who want to enjoy the advanced safety but don’t want to ruin their modern look, glass balustrades is the answer. When it comes to glass balustrades, you can choose from a range of options including fully frameless, semi frameless and fully framed. You can also select between clear, tinted, frosted or coloured glass. Glass balustrades are constructed from toughed glass crafted into panels.


One material that has lasted the test of time in the balustrading world is wood. Whether it’s to compliment a traditional or modern look, wood always manages to do the job with flying colours. The great thing about wood is it is so versatile. You can really create any look you want from changing the colour or carving up. Create a sophisticated look by carving the balustrade so it’s nice and sleek. Alternatively, enjoy stained, dark wood or even coloured. When it comes to wood balustrades it’s important to keep in mind that you must ensure the wood is treated before using it outdoors.

Stainless steel

To create a sophisticated look and feel either inside or outside, select stainless steel balustrades. Stainless steel has the ability to compliment a range of building materials including wood. The great thing about stainless steel is it has an enduring quality that means it will last a lifetime. Furthermore, there are no concerns about rusting.


If you don’t have a large budget to work with, aluminum balustrades are the perfect option. Not only do they look good but they offer great value for money. Aluminum balustrades are also easy to install and can be used both inside and outside the home. Before they are installed, they are powder coated to provide adequate protection and can be painted using a wide selection of colours.

Now you know the options, talk to the professional team at Q Glass and Glazing about installing balustrades in your home. If you want more information before you select the balustrade for your Adelaide home.

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