How to Take Care of Your Stone Floor?

How to Take Care of Your Stone Floor?

Stone floors are highly durable and long-lasting. Whatever is the stone, whether marble, slate, granite or any other, needs simple cleaning and maintenance, to maintain its natural color and sparkle.

Usually, all-natural stone floors are prone to scratching, staining, and discoloration with use and time. Sand and dirt bruise the topmost layer of the stone, sinking the polish and shining the stone. So a daily routine of dusting and mopping the floor properly is a must. Spillovers should be immediately cleaned to prevent permanent staining on the floor.

Using a stone floor polishing machine to keep the floor sparkling and long-lasting is also a good alternative.

Why use a stone floor polishing machine?

A stone floor polishing machine operates using rotating brushes or pads to scrub and polish a floor, for a clean and sparkling appearance. These polishing machines have a range of alternative attachments suitable for different floor surfaces, making them versatile cleaning machines.

Different types of stone floor polishing machines

Often the stone floor polishing machines come with multiple accessories and a range of brushes. The number of brushes in a floor polishing machine varies from brand to brand. These ‘fit for purpose’ brushes are ideal for all types of stone floors. Usually, two brush polishers, being lightweight, are best suitable for smaller areas such as residential properties. Polishing machines with three brushes are ideal for medium-sized areas such as office spaces. The machines also have the option of a shorter or longer handle. You may opt as per your requirement.

A range of industrial and commercially useful floor polishing machines available for every type of use.
You may also opt for a machine with both the polisher and the scrubber.

Benefits of using stone floor polishing machines

In simple words, if we try to explain what stone floor polisher does, the answer will be that it improves the appearance of the floor.

In addition to that, there are many benefits listed below –

  • Keeping your stone floors clean for a long time, reducing the required time between two cleanings.
  • Minimizes dirt and moisture damage on the floor
  • Protects your stone flooring against surface cracking, hence increasing the lifespan of your floor.

Tips for buying a stone floor polishing machine

  • Stone floor polishers offer either a commercial or domestic warranty. So just check what sort of warranty the floor polisher has.
  • Before choosing the right stone floor polisher for your home, take into account all sorts of technical specifications, ranging from the machine’s power, brush speed, brush type, cable length, and weight, as well as maximum polishing width.
  • Before making your purchase decision, consider the factors like noise levels and maneuverability, and noise levels. Both of these factors are often key features for buyers in both domestic and commercial environments.
  • If you are buying a dual machine, i.e. a polisher and scrubber, don’t forget to check the technical details and quality of the scrubber as well.
  • Think about the storage factor as well. Compact, foldable, and easy to store floor polishers you may like to buy.

Pro tips and practices

The most important thing to consider while cleaning a stone floor is to not use too acidic or alkaline cleaner. An acidic or alkaline cleaner can take out the shine from the floor. It is always better to use a neutral cleaner when dealing with stone floors. Anything below the pH of 7 is acidic and can wash away the sealant and cause etching. A cleaner with a pH above 7 is alkaline and can remove grease and grime efficiently, but if not properly neutralized and rinsed can leave a damaging residue.

A good and proper look after stone floors will repay you and your successors with centuries. Using the stone floor polisher or stone floor polishing services to clean stone floors will keep them in good condition, and prevent them from becoming damaged or stained.

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