How Vital a Criminal History Check is for a Volunteer to Work in Australia

How Vital a Criminal History Check is for a Volunteer to Work in Australia

Criminal background checks for volunteers may be mandatory if someone wishes to work in childcare facilities or aged care facilities or other vulnerable groups such as disabled people. A Criminal History Check for Volunteers is mainly obtained as a condition for the duties of care. You can receive the Volunteer Criminal History check through KONCHECK.

However, various states or territories do have their own alternatives in the case of a Working with Children Check or WWCC. A volunteer should get the WWCC for the state/territory they will be working in. Volunteer Police Checks are highly recommended in case of service-specific sectors, in particular, aged care, child care, disaster management, health, community, education, and training, and emergencies. All of the above sectors also include a volunteer police check before hiring someone.

One might ask, for how long does a police check result valid? State funding agencies or funded aged care must renew the check-in every three years.

KONCHECK issues 70 per cent of the checks within 1-2 business days. The service we provide is user-friendly, affordable and has a secure system for volunteers to lodge their National Police Check.

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