HVAC System Servicing: All You Need to Know

HVAC System Servicing: All You Need to Know

HVAC systems play a significant role in providing comfort to people who live in regions where the mercury levels can rise or fall dramatically. They do so by providing adequate heating or cooling in homes, offices, and buildings.

That’s the reason why they’re finding such widespread use around the world and the industry too is expected to grow to more than $241 billion by 2025.

But for the smooth operation of these systems, regular service is required.

And why is that?

Let’s find out.

Reasons to Get Your HVAC Systems Serviced

HVAC systems are often on for long hours and, in some cases, they may be running for days at a time. As a result, you need to care for these machines to ensure that they’re in the best condition possible.
What’s more?

Regular maintenance can help you spot problems while they’re still minor and this can help facilitate quick resolutions as well. Finally, servicing also involves cleaning the air filters which can improve your indoor air quality.

What Should Be the Frequency?

It’s also important for you to figure out how regularly you need to get your HVAC systems serviced. While it’s recommended that you get maintenance done for them at least once every six months, you need to do it more frequently if your usage is heavy.
And that’s not all…

The older your machines get, the more maintenance will they need. Additionally, if you’re located in a region with an extreme climate, you’d have to get the system serviced even more frequently.

All of these tasks would need you to have a valuable partner who can help with the servicing. Here’s how you can find reliable HVAC service providers.

What Should You Look for in an HVAC Services Provider?

When you’re scouting for an HVAC service provider, you need to take a look at their experience, knowledge, and certifications. Apart from that, you must also see their reviews and figure out if their past clients were happy with their work.

The idea is to ensure that they can do a good job servicing your ACs and heaters. Finally, you must consider their pricing and discount offers to figure out if they fit your budget.

We, at Bradshaw Heating and Air Conditioning, have serviced over 10,000 ACs and heaters during the past 34 years and can help you with HVAC servicing in the Folsom and Greater Sacramento areas.

To learn about our services, you can check out the infographic below.

Roy Bradshaw Bio ⇒

Roy Bradshaw, is an HVAC specialist in residential service and installation. Roy, has over 30 years’ experience working on projects ranging from large track homes and planned communities to executive custom homes, and system replacements. Roy is factory trained to ensure he has the most up to date technical information and safety protocols. Roy is EPA certified with master certification in air flow and dust design.

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