Melbourne Plant Hire Bringing Health and Freshness to Your Office Space

Melbourne Plant Hire Bringing Health and Freshness to Your Office Space

There are many plants that can brighten up your work space and you don’t have to stay stuck up in your dark grey, depressing cubicle. You would be really surprised to know that there are many shrubs that require very low maintenance and can survive easily in the low florescent lit office space. These natural beauties tend to enhance the overall appearance of your work space surroundings by providing a pleasant focal point.  Find below some low maintenance shrubs that would clean up the air and brighten up your office space.

Cool Indoor Plants for your Offices with Melbourne Plant Hire

With the increase in the use of WIFI and wireless technologies the electromagnetic field radiation can make the matter worse as far as pollution in the work space is concerned.  This could have a bad impact on our health. We may not be able to control the air quality we breathe on the global front but can certainly make a difference to our personal environment.

Melbourne Plant Hire

Spider Plant — it is one of the easiest shrubs to grow in-house.  Hang it up higher on the wall and admire them over growing the pot.

Pothos – The best suited for your desk top, this easy growing plant adapts well to a wide variety of office atmosphere with either low or bright lighting conditions

Snake Plant — These tall growing shrubs with attractive yellow border enclosing the light green pointed leaves are an excellent choice for focal interest.

Philodendrons –These are best suited for your filing cabinets or hang them in a basket and watch them climb providing height small spaces.  You can afford to neglect them occasionally and they survive a wide variety of indoor conditions.

Cactus plant – This ever green shrub survives in many conditions and is the last one standing. They are available in a lot of variety in terms of colour, spikes and sizes.

Dracaena — Also known as the corn plant, it is the best choice for eliminating pollutants from the air. It requires minimum care and provides unique screening.

Peace Lily – This one grows larger in size and is known for purifying the air and scurvies even in low lighting.

There are many other varieties of these indoor shrubs that are power full filters of air surroundings us like the Potted Orchid, Lucky Bamboo, water lettuce (does not require any soil), Palms , Fern, Anthuriums and a lot more.

As most of us spend a lot of time indoors the quality of the air we breathe has a direct effect on our health. Researchers in the past have shown that many plants can eliminate pollutants from the air. The process of filtering happens through the leaves via the microorganism present in the soil. Researchers have also shown that different type plants are capable of removing different pollutants from the air.

There are many companies such as the Luwasa Indoor Plant Hire which can provide you with best melbourne plant hire services for your office requirement. The good thing about hiring these companies is that they provide a wide range of leafy indoor beauty in exciting planters and pots to spice up your office looks.

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