Indoor plants – A Breath of Fresh Air

Indoor plants – A Breath of Fresh Air

Plants are not just pretty faces, which are used for decorating office places or home; instead they are a “breathe of fresh air”. The mere presence of plants can bring so many benefits to us and our lives. It also promotes our overall wellbeing and makes our quality of life good. They can be effectively used for purifying the air which we breathe throughout the day.

How to improve air quality?

We often talk about air pollution spread in the outside environment, but at times pollution in our homes, office or building can be even more polluted than the outside air. It is mainly due to the use of chemicals in the form of freshener, mould, dust, perfumes etc. In order to get rid of poor indoor air quality, all one has to do is open the window of their home and allow the chemicals to move out. Along with it, some plants can also be of great help in purifying the air and making it fit for people to breathe in. Hence individuals can chose Indoor Plant Hire and get the best plants planted at their place.

Benefits of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants have several benefits to offer to individuals, which have been listed below;

  • Plants releases fresh air just appropriate for us to breathe. They take in carbon dioxide which is emitted by us, and instead releases oxygen important to us for breathing.
  • Plants are quite effective in extracting pollutants from the air. It is one of the cost effective and environment friendly options that can be opted for removing harmful substances in the air. Organic chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene can be easily removed by just planting plants indoor.
  • Plants also have physiological benefits, i.e. one tends to feel happy and stress free when in an environment that is greener and more natural.

Choice of Indoor Plants

With a variety of plants available in the market, it is important to make a choice of the best plants as listed below;

  1. Peace lily: It has topped the list of NASA and is considered effective in removing some of the most common toxic agents present in air i.e. formaldehyde, benzene and also trichloroethylene.
  2. Aloe Vera: It is one of the caring, sun loving plants, which can aid cuts or burns and also remove toxic substances from the atmosphere. This plant is an appropriate choice, especially for sunny office windows.
  3. Spider plant: It is a green lengthy plant with strong leaves, just appropriate for busy offices. With this indoor plant, it is easy to get rid of carbon monoxide, benzene, and other air pollutants that can cause harm to human body.
  4. Chrysanthemum: The bright flowers of this plant, is just appropriate for lightening the whole mood in office. It also filters out the air of benzene which is often emitted in the presence of plastic, paint or glue.
  5. Philodendron: It is one of the best leafy plants which are effective in getting rid of harmful organic compounds that can cause danger to the life of people.

With these plants, the levels of air pollutants within indoor areas can be considerably reduced and also help humans get rid of frequent drowsiness, headache, loss of concentration etc. Hence people should consider adding indoor plants to their place and reap maximum benefits out of them.

Hence if you wish to clean up the air inside your house or office, then the best way of doing the same is by Indoor plant hire. A variety of companies are available in market, out of them Foliage indoor plant hire is the best one to choose. They have been proclaimed as the best indoor plant supplier company that ensures greenery within the place and provides maintenance services at regular intervals.

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