Indoor Play Activities for Kids of All Ages

Indoor Play Activities for Kids of All Ages

Whether you’re quarantining at home, taking a sick day from school, or just up against a rainy afternoon, we’ve got endless indoor fun lined up for you! This list of ideas and jumping-off points for creative and enriching play at-home like darts which you can easily get from darts for sale will have your child actually wanting to spend more time indoors. With just a few household materials and some know-how, you can turn the living room or kitchen into a world of wonder!

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Indoor Camping

Break out a pop-up tent and some sleeping bags if you have them and microwave some smores. Indoor camping is a great opportunity for young kids to make believe they are outside under the stars. Older kids will still get a kick out of telling campfire stories, even if the campfire is made of red-and-yellow tissue paper!

Science Experiments

The kitchen can be transformed into a mad scientist’s (or just an ordinary scientist’s) laboratory! There is no shortage of simple science experiments for all ages available online. Most of these require only a few household objects and are easy to set up and clean up. Check out this terrific list from Good Housekeeping to pick up a few ideas!

Cook or Bake Together

Cooking and baking together with your child can improve their cognitive and motor development significantly, in addition to helping them bond with you, learn about other cultures and traditions, and learn to follow instructions.  Try skimming through this list of recipes from Weelicious to find one you can make with your child. 

Make Slime

Another excellent activity for the kitchen, making slime feels like getting a new toy and a science experiment and a cooking experience all in one! The sensory fun starts when you mix the ingredients together and goes on for hours. See Wondrfly’s very own selection of super slime recipes here!

Arts and Crafts

Break out the crafting supplies and break into a whole new world of fun and learning! Similar to cooking together with your child, crafting with them both increases your bond as well as their intellectual, emotional, and motor skills. Crafting is especially stimulating to the fine-motor skills and sensory-processing areas of the brain. Wondering where to get started? Why not try one of the many crafts on this extensive list by Easy Peasy and Fun?

Journal Time

Journaling is an excellent habit to promote in kids of all ages. It helps them develop literacy and writing skills, improve their penmanship, and help them process and understand their emotions. You can make journaling an exciting, personalized experience by helping your child create and decorate their own special journal to use. This will help motivate them to fill it with their thoughts and feelings! Find out how at What We Do All Day.

Put On a Talent Show

If you find yourself stuck indoors for a good long time, why not make the best of it by coordinating a family talent or variety show? Have everyone rehearse an act in groups or individually, choose costumes, props, and scenery, and show off their talents for the whole family. You can make costumes, sets, and props from simple household materials. Get creative! Break out old clothes you haven’t used in ages, holiday decorations, crafting supplies, anything you can think of! Performing in a safe environment can boost kids’ self-esteem immensely, so give them their fix of well-earned applause!

We hope that our recommendations will brighten up any rainy day, quarantine period, or other at-home occasion. For more information on how to keep your child entertained and engaged in developmentally challenging and exciting activities, try searching our vast selection of excellent activity providers, or check out the Wondrfly blog for more tips, tricks, and hacks.

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