Instructions to Configure Email on a Different Host from the Website

Instructions to Configure Email on a Different Host from the Website

In spite of the fact that the basic practice is to utilize a similar host representing both email and site, you can run the two administrations on two distinct servers.

The article talks about the reasons why you may consider facilitating your messages on an alternate server and how to do the arrangement. 

Why Host the Email and Website on Different Servers 

As a matter of course, a facilitating organization furnishes email hosting plans Abu Dhabi usefulness with the site facilitating. This makes it shows up as though the two are indistinguishable while in the genuine sense, they are totally discrete administrations that can run freely of each other. 

There are a few reasons why you may think about running the two on various servers. These include:

To Improve Reliability and Availability 

Facilitating the email administration with an alternate supplier improves unwavering quality and maintains a strategic distance from a total shutdown when a server comes up short. In the case of utilizing one server, a blackout or shutdown implies that your clients and different clients won’t contact you on the site and email. 

This may occur because of a breakdown or when the supplier is keeping up the frameworks. In any case, in the event that they are on various servers, in any event one will be useful if the difference goes down. Furthermore, the site engineer won’t contact the messages subsequently lessening the odds of something turning out badly. 

Diminish the Complexities Involved When Moving Hosts 

Moving a site and messages running on the equivalent facilitating server to another is increasingly mind-boggling and testing, particularly for individuals who are not familiar. Specifically, moving the email accounts is all the more testing. Nonetheless, in the event that they are on an alternate server, moving the site alone to another host is a lot simpler and doesn’t change your email records and information.

Facilitating Emails on a Different Server 

To have your messages on an alternate server from that of the site, you have to change the Mail Exchanger (MX) record in your area’s DNS records. The MX records are the ones that point to the server facilitating your email and can be nearby if together with the site, or remote if on an alternate area. 

To point your email away from your present record, you have to get the MX goal subtleties from the supplier who will have the messages. With these subtleties, you can either erase the current MX record and include another one or just alter the current. In contrast to some different records, MX acknowledges the name of the mail server just and doesn’t work with IP addresses. 

The DNS records might be in another area, yet you should approach them. A few enlistment centers may give you an interface to alter the DNS records while others permit you to set your own on an alternate server away.


Most facilitating organizations tie the email and web hosting services in Abu Dhabi together while these are totally discrete applications. In spite of the fact that this looks helpful, it might be the space proprietor’s adaptability and opportunity to move around the messages. What’s more, it expands the likelihood of totally getting the client disconnected on the off chance that the site facilitating has issues. 

To improve unwavering quality and accessibility, the space proprietor can have the messages from the site. This requires joining with the dependable email facilitating supplier, arranging the MX records to highlight the new goal server and choosing the remote mail exchanger to course space’s approaching messages.

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