Is Solar Pool Heating Suitable for an Adelaide Climate?

Is Solar Pool Heating Suitable for an Adelaide Climate?

There is plenty of information out there listing the factors that impact the effectiveness of solar pool heating, however few of them actually offer easy to understand and relevant information. Here it is broken down for you, so that you will know exactly what a solar pool heating system in Adelaide can deliver.

Clearly the most important aspect of pool heating is climate, and this can include your geography to some extent. You want your pool to be as warm as possible, and so it will naturally warm up a little if the temperature is high. However, when it comes to solar heating, you are more concerned about sunshine than actual warmth. 20˚C and sunny is going to be better than 25˚C and overcast in terms of effective heating. So, what does this mean for pool owners living in Adelaide?

Summer is probably not the time when you are going to most rely on your pool heating. While you might want to use it every now and then for a night time party, in the sweltering Australian heat you usually look to a pool for a refreshing dip rather than a warm swim. Besides, the outdoor temperature is so warm in Adelaide in the summer months, that the pool will naturally warm itself to a very comfortable swimming temperature. In December to February, the average maximum for Adelaide is just under 30˚C, however there is quite wide variability with heat waves and the odd cooler day or storm.

Adelaide experiences a Mediterranean climate, with lots of sun and mid-range temperatures. This combination makes it ideal for capturing energy from the sun and putting that energy to good use. Adelaide is somewhere in the middle of other capital cities. Sunny Brisbane enjoys a tropical climate, and can expect to yield 8kwh per square meter per day from their system. Grey Melbourne on the other hand only receives half of this. Adelaide may not have the soaring temperatures of Brisbane, but it does have far more sunshine than Melbourne. This means that local owners could probably expect at least 5 if not 6kwh per square meter on a daily basis in the warmer months.

It is the transitional seasons of spring and autumn where you will want to get the most out of a solar heating system, and this is where a little calculation comes in handy. Adelaide in autumn has freezing mornings but warms up considerably during the day. Should you have a north facing roof to capture sun throughout the day, then this would most likely be a worthwhile investment. Any day that rains is pretty much a wasted day for your solar system. Adelaide is actually the driest of all the Australian capital cities. While we do have some cloudy days in winter and even autumn, we do enjoy an incredibly high percentage of sunny, dry days which are ideal for sun harvesting. Of course it is always a good idea to use a pool cover to better your results. Visit Sunlover Heating to find your ideal solar pool heating unit in Adelaide.

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