Just broken glass in your Adelaide home?

Just broken glass in your Adelaide home?

Not only does broken glass equate to seven years bad luck, but it is also a real pain to clean up in your Adelaide home. To ensure you perform the job properly, follow the helpful steps below.

Evaluate the degrees of damage caused

Glass is unpredictable and owing to its fragile nature can shatter into many pieces. Sometime you are lucky and glass will break into just a few large pieces that are easy to pick up and dispose of. However, most often glass will shatter into a million pieces, with some bits so small it is almost impossible to pick them all up. Furthermore, this type of mess can be quite hazardous and cause injuries if not dealt with correctly. In the instance where the glass object is perhaps a sentimental ornament that you want to keep, assessing the damage is an important step in determining whether you should keep the item. If it’s not damage too much then it may be possible to repair the ornament, however, sometimes professional help is required to make it possible.

Act quick

When glass breaks it’s important to act fast to avoid any injuries. Unfortunately glass seems to make a habit of breaking in high traffic areas, where your family members of even pets are likely to walk. To ensure no one in your household gets injured, you must make a barrier around the area to stop anybody walking through the glass. If you are lucky enough to have a helper assisting you, ask them to stand near the area while you fetch the items you need to start cleaning up.

Use the right equipment

To adequately clean broken glass you will need thick gloves, newspaper, dustpan and brush, and if you have trouble with your eyesight, your glasses. With the right equipment at the ready, turn on a light so the room is adequately illuminated so you will be able to spot all the glass fragments. Also, light makes glass glimmer, which will make it easier to spot. Make sure when you are looking for glass that you don’t get into any positions that could make you fall into the glass. For example, don’t lean your knees on the ground, as there may be glass waiting to cut you. Also, make sure you are well balanced because you don’t want to risk falling into the broken glass.

Create a collection point with the newspaper

Place several layers thick of newspaper in an area where there is no glass. It will need to be thick enough to provide an adequate surface for the glass, however, not so thick that you won’t be able to roll it up when you’re done. To begin with, pick up the largest pieces of broken glass and put these on the newspaper. When you are picking up the best glass replacement Adelaide you must conduct yourself with immense caution. Once you have picked up all the large pieces, use a dustpan and brush to collect the small shards. It’s important once you are finished with the dustpan and brush that you clean it thoroughly to ensure not shards are hiding on the brush.

Double and triple check the area

Once all the broken glass is sitting on your newspaper collection point, carry out a final check. Make sure you haven’t left any areas like corners or underneath items unchecked. When you are sure all the glass has been collected, carefully roll up your newspaper and tape it up so no shards of glass can escape and place it in the garbage bins.

Once the clean has been completed, it’s time to consider having the glass replaced. The team at Q Glass and Glazing specialize in all things glass and will deliver a high-quality service. To learn more about their glass services in Adelaide.

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