Necessary Actions to Take Before Turning On A Furnace For Safe Kitchen

Necessary Actions to Take Before Turning On A Furnace For Safe Kitchen

The majority of people just want to turn on the furnace and start heating their homes, kitchen, or commercial places for a purpose but that is not how it should work. Before turning on the heat, there are a few things you need to do such as Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning تنظيف مداخن المطابخ, dust cleaning, and air duct cleaning.

Verify your filters

How recently have you examined your air filters? Depending on the type of filter and how frequently you use your system, cleaning is advised.

To improve airflow and lessen the stress on the overall HVAC system, the filter should be clear of debris. Cleaning the filters not only maintains efficiency, but also raises the standard of the air in your house.

Change filters when necessary

Specialists advise that you regularly change the filters in your appliance (every two to three months). This, however, is dependent on a variety of variables, including how frequently you use your unit, the size of your home, your overall health, and whether or not you have pets. Consider changing the filters more frequently if there is a family member who suffers from an asthmatic ailment.

One of the most significant things about cleaning your kitchen chimney is verifying that all parts of it have been carefully cleaned as well as checked for any potential damage. Here are a few tips about utilizing a Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning.

Verify if the thermostat is working properly

The majority of homeowners believe that as the temperature starts to fall, the heating system will turn on automatically. To make sure the system is operating as planned, you should test it. Change the thermostat from cooling to heating, and don’t forget to raise the temperature just a little bit. Get the system checked if the heat does not come on.

Clean the Ducts

Do not wait until it is too late if there is some dirt and dust in the ducts. To maximize efficiency, make sure there are no distractions present in any of the system’s components. In this situation, cleaning your ducts and vents will help to guarantee that the system is operating as it should. If you have a restaurant, Restaurant chimney cleaning (تنظيف مداخن المطاعم ) is important.

Battery replacement and smoke and CO detector inspection

When inspecting the HVAC system as a whole, the safety detectors should not be disregarded. Thus, before turning on the furnace, make sure the smoke and carbon monoxide alarms have been inspected. While doing this, you should adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. You should also, if necessary, change the batteries in the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Make the space surrounding the furnace clear.

Any debris or objects that could start a fire should not be present near the furnace.Make sure to also clean the vents of any debris. Don’t overlook the air ducts while you inspect the area around the furnace and the inside vents of your house.

Look for leaks.

Anybody trying to keep their home warm may find air leaks to be a major nuisance. Because some of the heated air is leaking outside, you will need to turn up the heater to stay warm. Check your home for leaks and figure out how to remedy the problem areas to avoid this. You can hire an expert to make the necessary repairs to your house if you want the warm air to stay inside. Furthermore, if you own a restaurant, this is a very necessary step to avoid any accidents.

Examine outdoor vents

The majority of homeowners pay more attention to the interior of their home than the exterior. Check the intake and exhaust vents of your high-efficiency furnace to make sure they are clear of debris. Cleaning these vents has a tonne of additional advantages, like decreased energy costs, in addition to ensuring the best performance of  your HVAC system.

Get an expert kitchen exhaust cleaning and inspection services.


Maintenance initiatives are frequently suggested because they improve your knowledge of your HVAC system. Nonetheless, you should never disregard the necessity of having a professional evaluate your system twice a year. Even if everything appears to be working as it should, professional preventive maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your HVAC system.


You are now aware of a few steps you must do before turning on a furnace in the fall.If you need air duct cleaning services , Advanced Tech Solution is your right choice. It is one of the best companies for duct cleaning in Saudi Arabia.

Quick FAQ For Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Service

Q1 : What is kitchen exhaust cleaning service?

 A: Kitchen exhaust cleaning service is the process of cleaning and removing grease, smoke, and other debris from the exhaust system of a commercial kitchen, including the hood, filters, ductwork, and exhaust fan.

Q2 :  Why is kitchen exhaust cleaning important?

A: Kitchen exhaust cleaning is important for maintaining a safe and healthy kitchen environment, reducing the risk of fire, and complying with local health and safety regulations.

Q3 : What are the necessary actions to take for safe kitchen exhaust cleaning service?

 A: Hire a professional and certified kitchen exhaust cleaning company: It is important to hire a certified and experienced kitchen exhaust cleaning company to ensure that the cleaning is done safely and effectively.

Schedule regular cleaning: Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent the buildup of grease and other debris in the exhaust system. The frequency of cleaning depends on the type of cooking and volume of food being prepared, as well as local regulations.

Turn off all cooking equipment: Before the cleaning process begins, all cooking equipment must be turned off to prevent any accidents.

Protect surrounding areas: Cover all surrounding areas, including floors, countertops, and equipment, to protect them from any debris or cleaning agents that may be used during the cleaning process.

Use proper cleaning agents and tools: The cleaning company should use only approved cleaning agents and tools to ensure that the cleaning is effective and safe.

Ensure proper disposal of waste: All waste and debris from the cleaning process must be properly disposed of to prevent any environmental hazards.

Conduct a post-cleaning inspection: After the cleaning is complete, a post-cleaning inspection should be conducted to ensure that the exhaust system is completely clean and functioning properly.

Q4 :  How often should kitchen exhaust cleaning be done?

A: The frequency of kitchen exhaust cleaning depends on the type of cooking and volume of food being prepared, as well as local regulations. Generally, commercial kitchens should have their exhaust system cleaned at least once every 3 to 6 months. However, some kitchens may require more frequent cleaning, such as those that prepare high volumes of fried or greasy foods.

Q5 :  Can I clean my kitchen exhaust system myself?

 A: It is not recommended to attempt to clean your kitchen exhaust system yourself. It requires specialized equipment and expertise to clean the exhaust system safely and effectively. Hire a professional and certified kitchen exhaust cleaning company to ensure that the cleaning is done safely and effectively.


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