Questions to Ask Prior to Choosing Northcote Solar Installers

Questions to Ask Prior to Choosing Northcote Solar Installers

There are a lot of significant considerations that you have to take into consideration to locate the right Northcote solar installer for your solar system energy project. Having knowledge of questions to ask can construct the diversity between an exciting journey into renewable energy and an eternal stream of troubles with your new solar power system.

What you would suggest for my property?

Being a potential solar client, make your interests frank. If a solar service provider arrives at your door, talk your interest in having solar, and discover what they suggest for a solar energy system on your property. There is huge possibility you already have a site chosen- but also know what your contractor recommends prior to showing your hand.

How many solar power systems you have previously installed?

Enquire if professional has practice with grid tie or off grid solar power systems. Also, enquire if the installer does generally solar panel commercial or residential systems. This would show that the service provider has a history of association with the industry and having knowledge of many different components and brands.

Did you have any official training in the installations?

A perfect installer will be the person who has received official training. For example, most of the solar panel manufacturers provide continuing education classes to the solar contractors. Such classes assist familiarize the contractors with the intricacies of their unique solar energy systems. You might want to ask a prospective installer whether they received training with the definite brand of solar equipment you want to purchase.

Are you having certifications?

This is also a point to concern. Ask if that contractor is having certifications in the field which can assure you their proficiency and expertise in the field.

Are you having references?

To test out the reputation of a solar energy installer, prefer asking about the references from previous clients he has assisted. Contacting past clients is a great way to find out whether a firm’s claims of client service ring true. Most of the installers will be glad to show you photos of completed solar system installations – it’s an indication of a job finely done!

Does your team have an experienced and trained electrician?

Many solar power systems need complex electrical components and different hardware, therefore an electrician’s proficiency is very imperative. However, not every licensed electrician is familiar with solar power systems. Hence it’s essential to know whether the electrician participating with your system has taken solar-specific training as well as possesses experience installing Northcote energy systems.

Do your team have a licensed roofer?

If your solar energy system will needed to be installed on the roof, contracting an expert and licensed roofer to supervise the stress your novel solar power system will place on your home’s structure would be a wise consideration.

Are you bonded and insured?

Be certain to confirm that your installers have satisfactory liability insurance by requesting to see the insurance papers. If the technicians meet problems, you need to be secure that the installer can cover the expenses of damages and repairs.

So, ask the mentioned questions from your Northcote Solar Installers and be confident that you are choosing a right person for the task.

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