Know The Pros Of Holding Bridging Visa D

Know The Pros Of Holding Bridging Visa D

Bridging visa D is the temporary visa that is granted to the individuals when their substantive has been expired and the application for the new one is found to be invalidated. This bridging visa enables them to stay in Australia for a period of 5 days and make the necessary changes in their application or else they can make the necessary arrangements to leave the country.

When You Should Apply Bridging Visa D?

If you have made an error in your application or any information is missing in your visa application then the department will notify you for this and then at the same time, your application for bridging visa D will be lodged. You are not compelled to apply for this separately from your end.

Who Can Acquire Bridging visa 040?

Bridging visa 040 will be granted to the candidates when below-mentioned conditions apply:

1.When you are currently in Australia.

2. When your substantive has ended or about to end within 2-3 days.

3. When you have processed the application for a substantive visa however unable to proceed further because of incorrect payment or you have filled the wrong application. But you can make the necessary changes within the next 5 days.

4. When an authorized officer for the interview is not available at the department.

5. When you don’t wish to apply for a new visa as you are planning to leave the country.

Why You Should Apply For This Visa?

If you are thinking that you will get the substantive visa within 5 days and it is not required to apply bridging visa D then you are wrong here. Without the bridging visas, you will be considered as unlawful citizens of Australia and it can cause below-mentioned situations:

1. You can be detained immediately from Australia.

2. You will not be able to apply for the visa for the next 3 years.

3. You might have debt on the Australian government for the cost incurred on your detention.

Expiry Of Bridging Visa D?

This visa always comes in effect when your substantive visa has been ended and valid for 5 working days from the day it was granted to you.

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