How to Look Your Best for an After-High School Getaway
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How to Look Your Best for an After-High School Getaway

How to Look Your Best for an After-High School Getaway

Although time tends to fly when you are having a blast, it seems to slow down when you’re waiting for something fun and exciting to strike. Such is likely to be the case with your schoolies 2021 getaway, which is just around the corner but feels centuries away.

Instead of wasting your time fantasising about how phenomenal your post-high school vacation would be, choose to put the remaining days to good use.

Having the most unforgettable holiday involves choosing the right destination and people to share the sights and sounds with. However, do not forget an important component that will play a pivotal role in your grand escapade once you are over and done with the exams: you!

Several days before you pack your bags and head to the airport to commence the party of a lifetime, it is a wonderful idea to prep yourself very well for the upcoming event.

Opt for Healthy Eating

Because it is likely for you to grace lots of late-night events during your vacation with your best high school buds, it is important to have a strong immune system.

Having an optimum resistance can spell the difference between experiencing the time of your life and spending the majority of your schoolies 2021 holiday in bed with the sniffles. Several weeks before you fly, do your share in making your immune system ready for some action.

An effective way to enjoy a solid resistance is by going for a well-balanced meal each time. Avoid going on a crash diet as it can wreak havoc on your immunity.

Exercise Regularly

Instead of dieting to lose a couple of excess pounds, it is a better idea to pair healthy eating with having regular exercise. Getting a fitness gym subscription or exercising at home, guided by some workout videos on YouTube, is highly recommended to have a great body.

Especially if the destination is a gorgeous beach, having an equally stunning body can make every photo that you will be posting on social media eye-popping.

Ditch Unwanted Body Hair

One of the worst things that could happen during your venture with your best high school pals is being mistaken for Chewbacca in a bikini!

Because of this, the importance of getting rid of excess body hair cannot be stressed enough. The best time to head to the waxing salon is two to three days before hopping on a plane. Such is especially true if you are new to waxing, or you are prone to skin irritation.

If you plan on going the DIY approach, make sure that you go for a high-quality at-home waxing kit. Don’t forget to follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully.

Get a Fake Tan

You may think that getting a fake tan is pointless because, after all, you can have megadoses of the sun’s UV rays at your chosen after-high school party destination.

Showing up at the scene with a tan allows you to stand out right away from your girlfriends. It can also spare you from the need to get more sun than you should, thus lowering your risk of sunburns, wrinkles, and deadly skin cancer.

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