Mahindra Cars are Known for Safety and Reliability, globally

Mahindra Cars are Known for Safety and Reliability, globally

Cars have become a part and parcel of our lives! Who doesn’t love a great automobile? Mahindra is a multinational car manufacturing corporation that owns on-demand services for its users across the World and thrives to give its customers what they want. 

New Zealand has always been enthusiastic about heavy imported vehicles. Cars that can sustain an adventurous life. The expanded sales growth of Mahindra cars took the trade on another level by offering New Zealanders what they are looking for. Being a successive manufacturer and supplier in the industry, Mahindra handpicked the flagship of its car models for well-deserving Kiwis. Starting from Pik-up to giant SUVs, you can choose any vehicle comparing to your suitability.

Safety is key:

Over the years, the market is witnessing the growth of many technologies in the automobile industry. Including and consisting of the increasing number of buyers, Mahindra has included its many models and its SUV recognised as global recognition as Global New Car Assessment Program (GNCAP), in accumulating to a 4-star child safety rating. Today with the increasing number of buyers of Mahindra Auto in NZ the company has made child safety precautions as their top priority. With real growth in safety and design, we have replaced our old features with new-gen technology. Safety features of 7 airbags and disc brakes in all 4-tyres that give you consecutive control on its power steering. We mark the safety of our cars after quality assurance and pass with rounds of superiority checks. We won’t let anyone doubt on the safety of the car we manufacture and design.

We have been recognised for prioritising global safety:

Mahindra has equipped its vehicles with Intelli-Hybrid technology. This revolutionary technology not only helps to give better mileage but also assists the engine by providing electric power during acceleration. It is inclusive of regenerative braking technology, which helps to charge the battery at a faster rate. Whether you are stuck in a traffic jam or a long route travel, the comfort level of Mahindra cars is relaxing through it all. Provided with mHawk engine, Mahindra vehicles have been recognised as one the prime safe cars globally. Mahindra Auto in Christchurch has the all-rounder best-selling vehicles in the market, with its superior features and great quality.

We never compromise with our eminent designs:

Our vehicle designs consist of supreme reliability, ease of driving, and go-anywhere nature. Mahindra car models have been lapped up by customers not only in New Zealand but also in other parts of the world. Our SUV designs are a combination of classy yet variant look. Without a doubt, our cars look unique and one of a kind. We have maintained the superiority of the interior and exterior of our Mahindra Auto NZ designs for great comfort during long road trips. We have designed the folding steering column and side imposition beams in a way that, at the time of an unfortunate incident the impact will always be focused more on the vehicle instead of the passengers. We have built technology along with safety, the super-efficient static bending projector lamps, and shift-on-fly 4-wheel- drive (4WD), upgrade with GPS, hybrid technology, covering with intelligent parking system and tyre pressure monitoring system; making it the best-selling car brand.

Enduring our vehicles with strength:

Mahindra has been manufacturing vehicles with a state of strength, with a strong mighty diesel engine that loads torque on demand. The spaces inside the first two rows are vast, adding great powered driver’s seat, and better sunroof.

Mahindra Auto has scored high value on money and great reputation in the market to vouch for.

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